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#00 - Trevor Thompson

Hometown: Elmira, ON

Sponsors: Thompsons Auto Teck, Rural Roots Brewing Co, Bridgeland Terminals, Astron, Elmira harvey’s/swiss chalet, Elmira Auto Supplies

#02 - Mark Burbridge

Hometown: Brantford, ON

Sponsors: Hearth & Home, Fleming Automotive, DGB Services

#2 - Rick Burbridge

Hometown: Brantford, ON

Sponsors: West Brant Window World, Scott’s Auto Body Repair, Fleming Automotive, DGB Services

#7 - Ty Cavallin

Hometown: Kemble, ON

Sponsors: Brian Macdonald Fabrication, Beckett Tree Service, Krown Rust Control, Mark Askin from Peninsula Ford, TC Racing and Fabrication. JOMO Media

#18 - David Gallinger

Hometown: Milton, ON

Sponsors: David Gallinger Capital

#21 - Logan White

Hometown: Ingersol, ON

Sponsors: Pharmasave, London Property finder, Epic Racewear

#27 - Kevin Albers

Hometown: Scottland, ON

Sponsors: Wastco, Seberras Professional services, Flamborough Doors.

#31 - (Flying Farmer) Kevin Gallant

Hometown: Waterford, ON

Sponsors: Presley’s Pumpkin Patch, Freedom Village Canada, Queensway Truck Center.

#55 - Chris Howse

Hometown: Hillsburg, ON

Sponsors: Howse Automotive, Ware's Automotive Industrial Supply, Body Bliss 100% Handmade

#89c - Shawn Chenoweth

Hometown: Ayr, ON

Sponsors: London Recreational Racing, Manheim Apex Oil, Caldecott Millright Services

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