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Cayden Lapcevich Puts on Clinic En Route to Don Biederman Memorial Victory

HAMILTON, Ontario --- No matter what he is behind the wheel of, Cayden Lapcevich has shown he can get the job done. He did just that on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway, dominating the Ontario Outlaw Super Late Model Series presented by the Canadian Concrete Expo’s Don Biederman Memorial.

John Cadman won the first heat ahead of Glenn Watson, Chris Burrows, Roy Passer, and Mike Miller. Cayden Lapcevich crossed the finish line in second, but was disqualified in post-race technical inspection due to weight.

Dario Capirchio won the second heat ahead of Stu Robinson Jr., Jamie Richardson, Adrian Foster, and Craig Stevenson.

Cayden Lapcevich won the third heat ahead of Glenn Watson, John Cadman, Chris Burrows, Roy Passer, and Mike Miller.

Stu Robinson Jr. won the final qualifier ahead of Dario Capirchio, Adrian Foster, Jamie Richardson, and Craig Stevenson.

Come feature time, Dario Capirchio started on pole ahead of Stu Robinson Jr., John Cadman, Glenn Watson, Jamie Richardson, Adrian Foster, Chris Burrows, Cayden Lapcevich, Roy Passer, Mike Miller, and Craig Stevenson.

The drop of the green flag saw a battle for the lead between Capirchio and Robinson, with Capirchio grabbing the top spot on Lap 3. Watson would move up into second, challenging Capirchio for the lead two laps later, but was unable to make the pass. Cadman ran third ahead of Lapcevich, and Robinson.

Lapcevich continued to make his way forward, moving up into the second spot by Lap 15 ahead of Watson, Cadman, and Robinson. Lapcevich’s climb to the front would be complete by Lap 21, as he’d take the top spot ahead of Capirchio, with Cadman getting around Watson for third. The race would not go green to checkered, with the caution coming out on Lap 30 for Capirchio having a mechanical failure and stopping in turn two.

Lapcevich got a good restart to keep the lead with Cadman second, as Watson and Robinson battled for third. Watson got the spot on Lap 32 ahead of Robinson, with Richardson rounding out the top-five. Unfortunately, Foster’s run came to an end on Lap 37 as he would head pit side following contact with the wall.

There would be passing right to the checkered flag, as Robinson caught back up to Watson in the closing stages, passing him with four laps to go for third.

Cayden Lapcevich cruised to victory lane ahead of John Cadman, Stu Robinson Jr., Glenn Watson, and Jamie Richardson. Chris Burrows finished sixth, followed by Roy Passer, Mike Miller, Adrian Foster, Dario Capirchio, and Craig Stevenson.  

Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC OSCAAR Modifieds

Taking the lead in the early stages, A.J. Emms led the rest of the way en route to winning the Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales OSCAAR Modified feature presented by Touchwood Cabinets at Flamboro Speedway.

Dale Reinhart won the opening heat ahead of Jason Keen, Luke Gignac, Norman Newman, Ian Bourque, Jason Bowden, Wally Wilson, Bryan Batty, and Mark Hamacher.

Shawn Chenoweth won the second qualifier ahead of A.J. Emms, Gary Elliott, Brad Pearsall, Jase Cornell, Anthony DiBello, Jeff Showler, Ken Hayward, and Mike Westwood.

The third heat did not start out smoothly, with Batty making significant contact with the turn one wall on Lap 2. Jeff Showler picked up the win ahead of Gary Elliott, Jason Keen, Dale Reinhart, Jase Cornell, Jason Bowden, Ian Bourque, Mike Westwood, and Bryan Batty.

Shawn Chenoweth went for the daily double ahead of Luke Gignac, Brad Pearsall, A.J. Emms, Anthony DiBello, Norman Newman, Wally Wilson, Mark Hamacher, and Ken Hayward. Unfortunately, Hayward ran into issues on the last lap.

Come feature time, Brad Pearsall started pole ahead of Luke Gignac, A.J. Emms, Jason Keen, Dale Reinhart, Jeff Showler, Gary Elliott, Shawn Chenoweth, Norman Newman, Jase Cornell, Anthony DiBello, Ian Bourque, Jason Bowden, Mark Hamacher, Wally Wilson, and Ken Hayward.

Pearsall would get a good initial start to hold the lead, with Emms moving up into second ahead of Gignac, Keen, and Reinhart. Emms would then get alongside Pearsall for the lead on Lap 4, taking the top spot a lap later.  Gignac continued to run third ahead of Keen, and Reinhart.

With 16 laps on the board, Emms continued to lead ahead of Pearsall and Gignac, with Reinhart up to fourth ahead of Chenoweth. Reinhart continued to move forward, passing Gignac for third on Lap 22, bringing Chenoweth through with him. Chenoweth then made his way up to third two laps later, with Gignac and Keen both around Reinhart, as Reinhart slowed with a mechanical issue before pulling off.

A.J. Emms led the rest of the way in the 40-lap feature to capture the win ahead of Brad Pearsall, Shawn Chenoweth, Luke Gignac, and Jason Keen. Gary Elliott finished sixth, followed by Norman Newman, Jeff Showler, Anthony DiBello, and Jase Cornell. Jason Bowden finished 11th, followed by Wally Wilson, Mark Hamacher, Ian Bourque, Dale Reinhart, and Ken Hayward.

Living Lighting OSCAAR Pro Sprints

He was challenged throughout the night, but it would not prove enough as Daniel Hawn scored the victory in the Living Lighting, Scott Reinhart Trailer Sales OSCAAR Pro Sprint 25-lap feature presented by Pinnacle Home Environment Solutions at Flamboro Speedway.

It appeared as though Gary Triska was on his way to winning the opening heat, but he ran into mechanical issues with two laps to go. Rob McCall picked up the win ahead of Dylan Little, Kevin Taylor, Rob Summers, Ken McKenzie, and Triska.

Jaden Riddell won the second heat ahead of Daniel Hawn, James Stanley, Ryan Battilana, Kelly Summers, Tyler Cullen, and Brad Holmes.

Rob McCall went for the daily double ahead of Kevin Taylor, Gary Triska, Rob Summers, Ken Mckenzie, and Dylan Little.

Daniel Hawn won the fourth qualifier ahead of Jaden Riddell, James Stanley, Kelly Summers, Brad Holmes, Ryan Battilana, and Tyler Cullen. Cullen, unfortunately, ran into motor issues on the second lap.

Come feature time, Dylan Little led Gary Triska, Kevin Taylor, Brad Holmes, Tyler Cullen, Kelly Summers, Brad Pearsall, James Stanley, Daniel Hawn, Rob Summers, Rob McCall, Ryan Battilana, and Ken Mckenzie.

Hawn wasted no time in making his way to the front, taking Riddell and Taylor three-wide for the lead by the end of the opening lap. Hawn would take the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Riddell and Taylor, with Kelly Summers and Stanley side-by-side for fourth.

Stanley got the spot, passing Taylor for third on Lap 5. Summers then made her way up to fourth a lap later, with McCall passing Taylor for fifth on Lap 7.

McCall would continue to move forward, passing Summers for fourth on Lap 8. Unfortunately, Cullen’s engines striked again as he would head pit side on Lap 10. The race would not go green to checkered completed, with Triska stalling in turn four with four laps to go.

Daniel Hawn got a good restart, picking up the victory ahead of Jaden Riddell, James Stanley, Rob McCall, and Kelly Summers. Ryan Battilana finished sixth, followed by Kevin Taylor, Brad Holmes, Rob Summers, Dylan Little, Ken McKenzie, Gary Triska, and Tyler Cullen.

Canadian Vintage Modifieds

Following a pair of features, it’d come down to a tie for the Canadian Vintage Modifieds’ overall winner on Doc Roper night at Flamboro Speedway. As a result, both T.J. Marshall and Mike Podd were credited with the victory.

For the first feature, Ian McIntyre started pole ahead of Max Wright, John Karley, Mike Klotz, Jeremy Barton, Mike Podd, Daryl Henwood, TJ Marshall, Steve Trendell, and Amanda Stoner.

The race did not start out smoothly, with contact in the opening laps resulting in a caution and a bent wheel for Henwood. John Karley would grab the lead on the restart ahead of McIntyre, Wright, Podd, and Marshall. The race would not stay green, with the second caution coming out on Lap 7 for Wright spinning McIntyre.

Karley would get a good restart, with Marshall now up to second ahead of Podd, Barton and Trendell. Unfortunately, Barton’s strong run came to an end on Lap 10 as he ran into a mechanical issue. This allowed Trendell to move up into fourth ahead of Klotz.

mechanical issues also continued, with Klotz slowing and heading pit side on Lap 17 with an issue. There’d also be a late caution with two laps to go, as a result of Wright spinning in turns three and four.

John Karley got a good restart to pick up the victory ahead of TJ Marshall, Mike Podd, Steve Trendell, and Ian McIntyre. Max Wright finished sixth, followed by Amanda Stoner, while Mike Klotz, Jeremy Barton, and Daryl Henwood failed to finish.

In the second feature, Max Wright started pole ahead of Ian McIntyre, Mike Podd, TJ Marshall, John Karley, Steve Trendell, Jeremy Barton, and Amanda Stoner.

Podd and Wright battled for the lead on the opening lap, with Podd taking the top spot on Lap 2, with Marshall getting by Wright for second. Behind them, McIntyre ran fourth ahead of Karley. Karley would then get alongside McIntyre for fourth on Lap 8, completing the lead a lap later.

Despite being challenged all race long, Mike Podd was able to hold off the challenge from TJ Marshall to pick up the victory. Max Wright finished third, followed by John Karley, Ian McIntyre, Steve Trendell, Jeremy Barton, and Amanda Stoner. Mike Klotz and Daryl Henwood would not take the green flag.

McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stocks

Both McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stock features were full of action on Saturday night, with Mark Thorne and Gillian Hils each picking up a checkered flag.

For the first feature, Mark Thorne started pole ahead of Kyle Lucas, Jeff Kells, Jamie Whittam, Jimmy Hooper, Leo Labarbera, Jared Bodner, Brian Gamble, Gillian Hils, Bobby Mercer, Dale Lucas, and Andy Wheller.

Mark Thorne broke out into the early lead ahead of Kyle Lucas, Whittam, Kells, and Labarbera. Kells got alongside Whittam for third on Lap 5, completing the pass a lap later, bringing Labarbera through with him. Lucas then moved up into fifth on Lap 8, bringing Mercer through with him to bump Whittam back to seventh.

As they negotiated the lap car of Gamble, Mercer would get alongside Kells for third. Mercer moved into third on Lap 15, passing Kyle Lucas for second a lap later. Lucas now ran third ahead of Labarbera, with Dale Lucas and Wheller side-by-side for fifth.

Mark Thorne got a good restart, picking up the win ahead of Bobby Mercer, Kyle Lucas, Leo Labarbera, and Dale Lucas. Andy Wheller finished sixth, followed by Jamie Whittam, Jared Bodner, Jimmy Hooper, and Gillian Hils. Jeff Kells failed to finish, while Brian Gamble rounded out the field.

in the second feature, Gillian Hils started on pole ahead of Jimmy Hooper, Jared Bodnar, Jamie Whittam, Leo Labarbera, Kyle Lucas, Jeff Kells, Brian Gamble, Mark Thorne, Bobby Mercer, Dale Lucas, and Andy Wheller.

The drop of the green flag would see a battle between Hils and Hooper for the lead, with Bodnar and Whittam side-by-side for third. Hils got the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Bodnar, Whittam, Labarbera, and Mercer. Mercer would move up to fourth on Lap 6, as Labarbera and Dale Lucas battled for fifth. Mercer continued to move forward, challenging Whittam for third on Lap 8. He’d get the spot a lap later, as Lucas took over fifth ahead of Labarbera. Lucas then made his move forward, passing Whittam for fourth on Lap 10.

The shuffling continued, with Mercer passing Bodnar for second a lap later. Lucas ran fourth ahead of Whittam. Dale Lucas’ climb forward also continued, as he’d made his way around Bodnar for third on Lap 15. Thorne then got alongside Whittam for fifth on Lap 16, completing the pass a lap later.

Gillian Hils cruised to the win ahead of Bobby Mercer, Dale Lucas, Jared Bodnar, and Mark Thorne. Jamie Whittam finished sixth, followed by Andy Wheller, Leo Labarbera, Kyle Lucas, Jeff Kells, Jimmy Hooper, and Brian Gamble.  

Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for the videos from the night. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel at

Thanks Derek Smith for the photos from the night of action. You can see more images at

This Saturday night – August 3 – will be an action-packed event at Flamboro Speedway as the Ontario Modified Racing Series makes an appearance. It is also the Jukasa Super Stock qualifier for the Ray’s Towing & Recovery Super Stocks, meaning the winner of the night will be locked in the field for the Canadian Nationals at Jukasa Motor Speedway. Did we also mention it is kid’s ride night? That’s right, as the young race fans will have an opportunity to ride in the cars and possibly win a bike.

Also on hand are the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Klotz Auto Repair & Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks, McClurkin Properties Pure Stocks, Pro 4 Modifieds, and a demolition derby to finish the night.

The pit gate opens at 4pm, followed by the front gate opening at 5pm with racing starting at 6:30pm.

Admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

By: Ashley McCubbin


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