Flamboro Speedway – May 26, 2019 Race Recap

Shae Gemmell stated in victory lane that Flamboro Speedway is one of his favorite tracks, and it’s easy to see why. Starting on the front row, he would lead all 100 laps en route to winning the first round of the Grisdale Racing Products Triple Crown on Sunday afternoon.

J.R. Fitzpatrick started off the afternoon on top, posting the quickest speed in qualifying with a lap of 15.147 seconds. Ryan Kimball qualified second with a lap of 15.163 seconds, followed by Shae Gemmell (15.200), Jordan Howse (15.220), and John Cadman (15.229). Jake Sheridan qualified sixth, followed by Matt Pritiko, Andy Kamrath, Tim Norris, and Rick Burbridge.

Kevin Albers qualified 11th, followed by Chad Cocoran, Josh Stade, Billy Schwartzenburg, Blair Wickett, Trevor Monaghan, Mark Burbridge, and Jake Gilbert. These 18 drivers would lock themselves into the show via their laps posted.

Chris Howse posted a lap of 15.434 seconds to qualify first for the b-main, ahead of Tom Gibbons, Carson Nagy, Tyler Di Venanzo, Mike Klotz, David Gallinger, Gary Elliott, and Brent Wheller. The b-main would be scheduled for 20 laps, with the top-six transferring to the main event.

Chris Howse grabbed the early lead, with Tom Gibbons and Carson Nagy side-by-side for second ahead of Mike Klotz, Gary Elliott, and Brent Wheller. Nagy would get the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Gibbons, with Wheller getting by Elliott for fifth. Gallinger would follow him through, taking sixth and the final transfer spot on Lap 7. However, that didn’t last long, with Gallinger spinning a lap later in turn four for the first caution.

Chris Howse got a good restart to keep the lead, with Gibbosn moving into second ahead of Nagy, Wheller, Klotz, Tyler Di Venanzo, Elliott, and Gallinger. The race would not stay green for long, though, as Gallinger went for a second spin in turn four on Lap 14.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Howse and Gibbons, with the pair making contact along the way. Tom Gibbons would come out on top, leading the rest of the way en route to the victory ahead of Chris Howse, Carson Nagy, Mike Klotz, Brent Wheller, and Gary Elliott. Unfortunately, David Gallinger and Tyler Di Venanzo failed to qualify for the main event.

Before the green flag, J.R. Fitzpatrick would be given a die to roll to determine the invert. He’d roll a four, placing Jordan Howse on pole ahead of Shae Gemmell, Ryan Kimball, and himself. The rest of the field would follow suit in how they qualified, and completed the b-main.

Shae Gemmell wasted no time getting to the lead, taking the top spot on the opening lap ahead of Jordan Howse, J.R. Fitzpatrick, and Jake Sheridan with Ryan Kimball in fifth. Meanwhile, Mike Klotz’s race came to an early end, as he headed into the pits on Lap 8.

The first caution of the event would then fall three laps later on Lap 11 for Tim Norris spinning in turn four. This would set-up a restart, which produced another caution with Wickett going around in turn one. The second attempt saw the field check-up going into turn one and two, with the chain reaction resulting in Cadman spinning Albers, collecting Mornaghan and Gibbons in the process.

The third attempt would go cleanly with Gemmell continuing to lead as Sheridan moved into second ahead of Howse, Fitzpatrick and Kamrath. The race appeared to have a single-file appearance to it, with the drivers clicking off laps. However, that ended with Nagy going around off of turn four for the fourth caution at Lap 35.

Gemmell got another good restart keeping the lead ahead of Sheridan, Howse, Pritiko, Fitzpatrick, and Kamrath. The racing upfront wouldn’t be clean, with Howse and Pritiko making contact as they battled for third. Through the contact, though, Howse was able to hold onto the third-place spot. Meanwhile mid-pack, Gilbert began to slow with an issue, but he was able to get off the track into the pits without a caution.

As the battle for third sorted itself out, Fitzpatrick continued to run fifth ahead of Kamrath, Rick Burbridge, Kimball, and Corcoran. The laps continued to click off once again until the fifth caution at Lap 48 for Albers spinning on the front stretch.

Gemmell held serve on the restart, with Sheridan still in second ahead of Howse, Pritiko, and Fitzpatrick. As the top-10 strung out single-file, the same couldn’t be said for the back half as they battled for positions. That did not pan out well for them, with Monaghan spinning Wheller in turn two on Lap 54 for the sixth caution.

Gemmell continued to lead on the restart ahead of Sheridan, with contact once again between Howse and Pritiko. Howse held off the charge from his competitor, as Fitzpatrick ran fifth ahead of Kamrath and Kimball. Kimball would make his way around Kamrath for sixth with 30 laps to go. He then got by Fitzpatrick to break into the top-five at Lap 77 as they weaved their way through lap traffic, though Fitzpatrick battled back to retake the spot a lap later. The seventh caution then flew on Lap 87 for Mark Burbridge spinning on the frontstretch.

Gemmell held serve on the restart ahead of Sheridan, as Pritiko got by Howse to move up into third. However, the battle up front was cut short as the caution came out on Lap 90 for Gibbons sliding up off of turn two, causing Kimball to climb the backstretch wall, before coming down, and catching Nagy to send Nagy back up into the wall.