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Mark Burbridge Sweeps Pro Late Model Features at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- There was some brotherly love going on at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night, as the Burbridge brothers led the way for the Pro Late Models.

Mark Burbridge led flag-to-flag in the first 25-lap feature to score the victory ahead of Rick Burbridge, Shane Maginnis, Kevin Albers, and Chris Howse. Trevor Thompson placed sixth in front of Logan White, Ty Cavallin, Kevin Gallant, and David Gallinger.

Despite starting deep in the field for the second feature, Mark Burbridge worked his way forward, taking the lead with four laps to go to pick up the checkered flag, followed by Rick Burbridge once again, Ty Cavallin, Shane Maginnis, and Kevin Albers. Trevor Thompson scored another sixth ahead of Logan White, Chris Howse, Kevin Gallant, and David Gallinger.

Super Stocks

Consistently running up front on a weekly basis paid off for Roy Wilkie, as he led flag-to-flag en route to winning in front of Chase Pinsonneault, Brad Collison, and Brody Rickwood. Several drivers had problems and failed to finish, including Brody Rickwood, Lane Zardo, and Austin Penney.

The second 20-lap affair was a repeat of the first for Roy Wilkie with another checkered flag, followed by Chase Pinsonneault, Brad Collison, and Randy Rusnell. Brody Rickwood and Lane Zardo failed to finish, while Austin Penney did not take the green flag.

Mini Stocks

Even with a challenge mid-way through the event, Cole Quinton’s string of runner-up finishes turned into victory on Saturday, as he led flag-to-flag en route to winning. Mike Thomson kept his steady improvement rolling with a runner-up, followed by Kaitlyn Wallace, Bobby Mercer, and Mike Hooper. Samantha Shaw placed sixth after being involved in an incident battling for the top spot, followed by Rick VanKleef, while Shawn Taylor, Mike Gilmour, and Tyler Lewis failed to finish.

Starting on pole for the second feature, Samantha Shaw took her turn leading all the laps, holding off a hard charging Shawn Taylor in the final laps of the event. Cole Quinton backed up his victory with a third, followed by Mike Hooper and Kaitlyn Wallace. Mike Thomson was sixth ahead of Rick Vankleef, while Bobby Mercer did not take the checkered flag. Notably, Mike Gilmour and Tyler Lewis did not start the event.

Pure Stocks

Starting a couple rows back, Cameron Thomson took the top spot in the finals laps to win the first feature on Saturday in front of Reece Bourgeois, Moses Ruiz, Eric Stewart, and Nicole Givens. Alex Stewart was sixth, followed by Rick Mitchell, Leo Labarbera, and Chance Rogers, while Kyle Lucas failed to finish.

Cameron Thomson was able to get the lead a lot quicker in the second feature, taking the top spot on Lap 5 en route to victory lane ahead of Kyle Lucas, Reece Bourgeois, Alex Stewart, and Eric Stewart. Moses Ruiz was sixth, followed by Rick Mitchell, Nicole Givens, Leo Labarbera, and Chance Rogers.

Canadian Vintage Modifieds

Taking the lead on Lap 5, TJ Marshall continued to show the way, with Mike Podd placing second followed by Brian Pescetti, Jeremy Barton, and Connor Ross. Scott Tonelli was sixth ahead of Quintin Murdoch, Jae Pepin and Steve Murdoch, as Joe Arsenault, Ricky Willigar, and Jake Gilbert failed to finish.

The second 25-lap affair saw Quintin Murdoch lead flag-to-flag en route to winning, followed by TJ Marshall, Brian Pescetti, Joe Arsenault, and Connor Ross. Steve Murdoch was sixth ahead of Jae Pepin, as Jeremy Barton, Mike Podd, and Scott Tonelli failed to finish. Ricky Willigar and Jake Gilbert did not take the green flag.

Thanks to Derek Smith (, Peter Anderson (, and for their images of the racing action each week.

Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for filming each week. Be sure to check out her videos at

The next event at Flamboro Speedway is scheduled for Saturday, July 30, highlighted by the Ontario Modified Racing Series making their second appearance of 2022. The Ontario Pro Challenge Series, Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Pure Stocks will also be on-hand on Kid’s Ride Night.

Be sure to keep up with the latest by checking out Flamboro Speedway’s website at You can also keep up via your favorite social networking website by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at Fans are encouraged to like the speedway’s Facebook page at

By: Ashley McCubbin


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