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Flamboro Speedway Proud of 2021 Champions and Award Winners

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- Even though preparations are already in high gear for the 2022 campaign, there was still some left over business to attend to from the 2021 season.

Track officials, drivers, and crews were set to get together for a banquet celebration in honour of all the success. Unfortunately, that was cancelled as a result of the current Ontario government COVID-19 restrictions.

With five victories and eight top-five’s, Kyle Steckly was able to take home the 2021 Late Model Championship. Rick Burbridge finished second, followed by Chris Howse, Kevin Albers, David Gallinger, and J.R. Fitzpatrick.

For the Grisdale Triple Crown, it was Shae Gemmell taking the top honors for the second time in his career, followed by Kyle Steckly, Shawn Chenoweth, Shane Maginnis, Kevin Albers, David Gallinger, and Kyle Wood.

With four wins and 10 top-five’s, Carson Nagy was able to take home the 2021 Super Stock Championship. Justin Collison finished second, followed by Dennis Cybalski, and Austin Penney.

With four wins and 20 top-five’s, Gillian Hils was able to take home the 2021 Mini Stock Championship. Cole Quinton placed second, followed by Mike Hooper, Shawn Taylor, and Mile Gilmour. Dale Millard and Kaitlyn Wallace rounded out the top-five.

With six top-five’s and 16 top-10’s, Bobby Mercer was able to take home the 2021 Pure Stock Championship. Reece Bourgeois finished second, followed by Kris Lawrence, Scott Tonelli, and Kyle Lucas. Leo Labarbera placed sixth, followed by Megan Mitchell, Rick VanKleef, Spencer Riddell, Alex Stewart, and Dale Lucas.

The Flamboro Speedway Memorial Night of Champions are also set to be recognized, as follows – Kyle Steckly (Late Model), Justin Collison (Super Stock), Cole Quinton (Mini Stock), and Phil Givens (Pure Stock).

On top of the champions being honoured for their accomplishments, there are several drivers whom earned other awards for their season.

Each division saw steady growth through the year, with solid car counts through the season, including some first-year competitors. Kyle Steckly’s stellar championship campaign also hands him Rookie of the Year honours in the Late Model division, as he moved up following Mini Stock success. Cole Quinton led the way in the Mini Stock division, after moving up following go-kart success. Lastly, Reece Bourgeois’ pair of trips to victory lane handed her the honour in the Pure Stock division.

Beyond collecting checkered flags, there were others who stood out simply by how their cars appeared on-track, and one driver per division is recognized with the “Best Appearing Car” Award. The winners are as follows – Kyle Steckly (Late Model), Carson Nagy (Super Stock), Cole Quinton (Mini Stock), and Scott Tonelli (Pure Stock).

Running up front weekly is everyone’s goal, and that is recognized with each division seeing the driver who held the most checkered flags receive an award of recognition. Kyle Steckly (Late Model) and Justin Collison (Super Stock) scored five wins each in their respective divisions, while Kris Lawrence and Reece Bourgeois each won a pair of races in Pure Stock competition. The Mini Stock division saw four drivers score four wins – Dylan Sharpe, Gillian Hils, Shawn Taylor, and Cole Quinton.

On the flip side, there were some drivers who battled adversity through the year with several tough occurrences. Those competitors are recognized for their perseverance with the Hard Luck Award. The following drivers were the winners, with their division in the bracket that follows – J.R. Fitzpatrick (Late Model), Austin Penney (Super Stock), Mike Gilmour (Mini Stock), and Alex Stewart (Pure Stock).

The Perfect Attendance Award is given each year to the drivers that are able to run all of the nights scheduled for their division through the season. Notably, any driver whom receives a full night’s disqualification is not eligible for the recognition.

Eight drivers received recognition in the Pure Stocks – Bobby Mercer, Kyle Lucas, Scott Tonelli, Leo Labarbera, Kris Lawrence, Rick VanKleef, and Megan Mitchell. A trio received recognition in the Mini Stocks – Gillian Hils, Mike Hooper, and Cole Quinton. Justin Collison and Carson Nagy were the only drivers awarded in the Super Stock division, with four drivers recognized in Late Models – David Gallinger, Kyle Steckly, Kevin Albers, and Chris Howse.

The full 2022 schedule once released, along with any other information you may inquire about, can be found on the track’s website at Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

By: Ashley McCubbin


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