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Baker, Bouillon, and Norris Family Big Winners at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- The dog days of summer are the best to be around Flamboro Speedway, as there’s excitement happening at the track every single weekend. Just like this past Saturday, where fans witnessed seven divisions do battle against each other and the children got to enjoy rides in racecars.

Ontario Modified Racing Series

The Ontario Modified Racing Series headlined the event with their second appearance of 2022, and saw a pair of familiar faces pick up the checkered flag.

After suffering a wreck at Peterborough a couple weeks ago, John Baker Jr. has certainly rebounded as he picked up the checkered flag in the first feature in front of Alex Cuzzilla, Ben Gruntz, Tyler Bouillon, and Rob Warnes. Rick Warnes was sixth, followed by Willow Barberstock, Chad Strawn, Randy Hollingsworth, and Robert Maebrae.

Tyler Bouillon is quickly adapting to the open-wheel style racecar, picking up his second win of 2022 in front of John Baker Jr., Rob Warnes, Alex Cuzzilla, and Rick Warnes. Ben Gruntz was sixth, followed by Willow Barberstock, Randy Hollingsworth, and Robert Maebrae, Chad Strawn failed to start to second event.

Ontario Pro Challenge

When it came to the Ontario Pro Challenge Series, the Norris family continues to lead the way but was able to do it in style.

Tim Norris won the first feature, and was joined by his kids Mike and Emma Norris on the podium. Nolan Quinton placed fourth in his debut after starting at the back, followed by Mike O’Connell, Ethan Fleet, Tyler Di Venanzo, Travis Majuery, and Peter Hattin.

As they have done several times this year, the Norris family flipped the results in the second trip around the track, with Mike Norris holding the black and white flag this time around ahead of Tyler Di Venanzo and Tim Norris. Travis Majuery and Mike O’Connell rounded out the podium, followed by Peter Hattin, Nolan Quinton, Emma Norris, and Ethan Fleet.

Canadian Vintage Modifieds

The track’s own stand-out open-wheel division was back in action, with a familiar number in Canadian Vintage Modified victory lane, belonging to different driver behind the wheel.

Jeremy Riopelle took his turn driving the No. 8 which Ricky Willigar has driven to wins on multiple times in 2022, parking it in victory lane in the first feature in front of TJ Marshall, Mike Podd, Daryl Henwood, and Quintin Murdoch. Rodney Rutherford was sixth, followed by Jeremy Barton, Joe Arsenault, Brian Pescetti, and Steve Murdoch. Jae Pepin and Rob Twitchett rounded out the field, while Scott Tonelli failed to finish.

Jeremy Riopelle returned for the second feature, repeating the same feat, with TJ Marshall once again following him across the finish. Multi-feature winner Quintin Murdoch was third in front of Joe Arsenault and Brian Pescetti. Daryl Henwood was sixth, followed by Rodney Rutherford, Jae Pepin, Steve Murdoch, and Mike Podd. Scott Tonelli, Rob Twitchett, and Jeremy Barton rounded out the field.

Super Stocks

When it came to the Super Stocks, a pair of the division’s young guns visited victory lane.

Current points leader Lane Zardo won the first feature in front of Roy Wilkie, Chase Pinsonneault, Justin Collison, and Austin Penney.

Justin Collison returned to victory lane in the second followed by Chase Pinsonneault, Lane Zardo, Roy Wilkie, and Austin Penney.

Mini Stocks

Shawn Taylor has proven to be fast throughout this season in Mini Stock, once again finding victory lane in the first feature ahead of Mike Gilmour, Mike Thomson, Bobby Mercer, and Mike Hooper. Kaitlyn Wallace was sixth, while Michael Kenny, Rick Robinson, and Dave Goodacre failed to finish.

Another familiar face won the second feature, with Bobby Mercer taking the checkered this time around in front of Shawn Taylor, Mike Hooper, Mike Gilmour, and Kaitlyn Wallace. Mike Thomson and Dave Goodacre rounded out the field, while Michael Kenny and Rick Robinson failed to finish.

Pure Stocks

After having a mix of luck the past couple weeks in Pure Stock competition, Alex Stewart put together a perfect feature en route to victory lane in front of Reece Bourgeois, Andy Wheller, Matt Young, and Phil Givens. Kyle Lucas was sixth, followed by Eric Stewart, Cameron Thomson, Mark Thorne, and Rick Mitchell. Moses Ruiz was 11th ahead of Chance Rogers and Leo Labarbera, while Caroline Kelly and Mark Allan did not finish.

Phil Givens proved why he’s a respected veteran of the division in winning the second feature in front of Chance Rogers, Eric Stewart, Kyle Lucas, and Andy Wheller. Reece Bourgeois solid year continued with a sixth, followed by Alex Stewart, Rick Mitchell, Moses Ruiz, and Leo Labarbera. Cameron Thomson was 11th while Matt Young, Mark Thorne, and Caroline Kelly did not finish. Mark Allan did not take the green flag.

Thanks to Derek Smith (, Peter Anderson (, and for their images of the racing action each week.

Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for filming each week. Be sure to check out her videos at

Thanks to all the help from the Flamboro Speedway teams, drivers, track staff, and BAST Safety helping with getting children in and out of the cars safely for the kids ride night. Additionally, thank you to all those who donated bikes and other prizes for the night – Young Racing, Kaitlyn Wallace, MRC Racing, Chase Pinsonnault, Michael Kenny, Chris Howes, Rodney Rutherford, Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Ontario Modified Racing Series, Dale Lucas, Wendy, and Cliff at The Hub Bicycle Shop.

The next event at Flamboro Speedway is scheduled for Saturday, August 6, highlighted by the second round of the Grisdale Triple Crown, with a 100-lap feature on deck for the Pro Late Models. The Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Pro 4 Modifieds will also be on-hand.

Be sure to keep up with the latest by checking out Flamboro Speedway’s website at You can also keep up via your favorite social networking website by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at Fans are encouraged to like the speedway’s Facebook page at

By: Ashley McCubbin


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