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Baker Jr. and Bouillon Co-Win Bill Pickford Memorial at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- It was a special night for drivers and fans in attendance, as one of Ontario Modified Racing Association’s longstanding members was honored with the Bill Pickford Memorial at Flamboro Speedway.

Ontario Modified Racing Series

John Baker Jr. took advantage of a late-race restart to get the lead to win the first feature ahead of Tyler Bouillon and Bob Franks. Rick Warnes led till the white flag, when he and Alex Cuzzilla in turns one and two, sending Warnes around. Cuzilla and Warnes rounded out the top-five, in front of Andrew Massey and Randy Hollingsworth. Ty Severa failed to finish.

Tyler Bouillon led flag-to-flag to secure the victory in the second feature, followed by John Baker Jr., Andrew Massey, Ty Severa, and Bob Franks. Rick Warnes was sixth, while Randy Hollingsworth failed to finish. Alex Cuzilla did not start the second feature.

Qwick Wick T.Q. Can-Am Midget

Daniel Hawn took the lead on Lap 4, and did not look back en route to winning ahead of Cory Whittam, Jeff Blackburn, Mike Westwood, and Jody Bound. Sherri Hogan ran just outside the top-five en route to sixth in front of Robert Pollilo, Bob Bailey, and James Stanley. Tyler Seguin, Andrew Whelan, Paul Jorgensen, and Cassidy March did not finish.

Daniel Hawn and Cory Whittam won both heats. Mike Westwood won the Dash for Cash.

Ontario Pro Challenge

Emma Norris led flag-to-flag to win the first feature ahead of Tim Norris, Bryan Stevanus, Jae Linde, and Ethan Fleet. Travis Majuery challenged for a top-five en route to sixth in front of Mike Norris, Sterling Hattin, Mike O’Connell, and Ty Riopelle. Tenli Pepin rounded out the field.

Mike Norris battled back and forth for the lead for a little, but showed the way en route to winning the second feature ahead of Travis Majuery, Tim Norris, Emma Norris, and Bryan Stevanus. Ethan Fleet made his way forward for sixth ahead of Ty Riopelle, Jae Linde, Mike O’Connell, and Tenli Pepin. Sterling Hattin failed to finish.

Super Stocks

Bailey Jacobs led all 20 laps to win the first feature ahead of Brad Collison, Roy Wilkie, Nick Troback, and Dave Evison.

Roy Wilkie took the lead on Lap 9 for the second feature victory in front of Nick Troback, Brad Collison, Bailey Jacobs, and Dave Evison.

Mini Stocks

Mike Thomson led flag-to-flag en route to winning the first feature ahead of Ryan Edwards-Kiss, Mike Gilmour, Kaitlyn Wallace, and Dale Millard. Dave Goodacre and Nikki King rounded out the field.

Ryan Edwards-Kiss took the lead at the halfway mark en route to winning the second feature in front of Kaitlyn Wallace, Mike Thomson, Mike Gilmour, and Dave Goodacre. Nikki King was sixth, while Dale Millard failed to start the race.

Pure Stocks

Gary Slama took the lead on Lap 7, pacing the remaining 18 laps to win the first feature ahead of Spencer Riddell, Wayde Thorne, and Phil Givens. Chase Mitchell ran inside the top-10 throughout for sixth in front of Chance Rogers, Mark Allan, Mike Thomson, and Allan Mattice.

Brady Cox ran just outside the top-10 throughout for 11th, followed by Jordan Willms, Tegan Ellis, Jeff Kells, Nicole Givens, Rachel Mitchell, and Megan Mitchell. Leo Labarbera was disqualified.

Wayde Thorne secured the top spot at the halfway mark for the victory in the second feature ahead of Jordan Willms, Phil Givens, Leo Labarbera, and Chase Mitchell. Spencer Riddell was sixth in front of Brady Cox, Mike Thomson, Chance Rogers, and Dan Cormier.

Teagan Ellis battled to an 11th-place finish, followed by Rachel Mitchell and Megan Mitchell. Gary Slama, Jeff Kells, Mark Allan, and Nicole Givens failed to finish.

The next stock car racing event at Flamboro Speedway is taking place on Saturday, September 2 with the “Back to the School Races” featuring the Pro Late Models, Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks and Pure Stocks.

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Report By: Ashley McCubbin


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