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Dylan Sharpe Earns $5,000 Payday with Halloween Enduro Victory

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- Typically when it comes to racing, the key is making sure that you are faster than the rest of your competitors.

While that certainly would help any competitor this past Saturday, that was not the only key to victory. You also need to survive and be there at the end when it counts. After all, the race was 250 laps in length around the 1/3 mile oval of Flamboro Speedway.

Dylan Sharpe did exactly all of that on Saturday afternoon.

After an exciting season of racing, Flamboro Speedway capped off their 2019 campaign with the Halloween Enduro 250, paying $5,000 to the eventual winner.

The coveted event would see over 60 entries, from a field varied in experience and ability. Some of the drivers in the field were regulars throughout the season, while others were making their first trip of 2019 to the speedway. There were also a few faces in the field who spent the year turning wrenches or cheering on their favourite driver, and were taking up the chance to race themselves.

Ultimately, experience mattered at the end of the day with two of Flamboro’s own Klotz Auto Repair and Machine Shop Mini Stocks topping the field at the end of the event.

Dylan Sharpe would manage to avoid the slew of spins and wrecks en route to scoring the Halloween Enduro 250 victory to take home the paycheck. It just adds to his resume at the speedway, following wins behind the wheel of both his mini stock and McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stock.

Fellow Flamboro Speedway regular Gillian Hils finished second, followed by Bill Brekelmans, Craig Cole, and Kent Nuhn. Darren Glavin finished sixth, followed by Leo Labarbera, Rodney Rutherford, Mike DiFrancesco, and Andrew Castelein.

Full Throttle Motor Speedway regular Leandra Urbanek finished 11th, followed by AJ Lupton, Zack Zivanic, Lorne Boisenue, Randy Richmond, Dan Pettit, Judith Destarke, John Thompson, Jason Boisvenue, and Wade McGinnis.

A best appearing contest was held before the event, with a $500 prize awarded to the car with the best Halloween appearance. Congratulations to Blake Wadham on a job well done.

Following the competition of the 250 lap event, there was a demolition derby held with Craig Cole taking the victory over Steve Lavoie.

Thanks to Derek Smith for all of the images from Saturday. You can view more of Smith’s photos on his website at

Admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

By: Ashley McCubbin


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