Flamboro Speedway – Frostoberfest Race Report

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- It may have a little chilly with some rain in the area, but that didn’t mean some great racing wasn’t had at the same time with Jade Franklin, Steve Cashmore, Will Gibbons, and Craig Cole each getting a taste of glory.

Pro Late Models

Jake Sheridan would lay down the quickest lap in qualifying at 14.904 seconds ahead of J.R. Fitzpatrick (14.990), Treyten Lapcevich (15.014), Jake Gilbert (15.033), and Shane Maginnis (15.061). Jade Franklin started sixth, followed by Blair Wickett, Shae Gemmell, DJ Kennington, and Josh Stade.

Fitzpatrick grabbed the lead on the initial start ahead of Sheridan, as Lapcevich and Gilbert battled for third ahead of Maginnis. Lapcevich got the spot on Lap 3, with Maginnis, Franklin and Gemmell following him through. The battle for third would get close on Lap 16, with Maginnis running Lapcevich up the track in turns one and two to take over the spot. Franklin was able to take over fourth in the process ahead of Gemmell, with Lapcevich back to sixth.

The race would not go green to checkered, with the first caution on Lap 21 for McGlynn going around in turn two.

Fitzpatrick got a good restart with Maginnis moving into second ahead of Gemmell, as Wickett and Sheridan battled for fourth ahead of Lapcevich. Wickett got the spot on Lap 33, bumping Sheridan back to fifth. Fitzpatrick was never able to get away with the lead, as Maginnis got alongside him on Lap 33, taking the spot a lap later as Gemmell ran third ahead of Wickett and Sheridan.

The caution then came out on Lap 65 for McFerran getting loose off of turn four, spinning out, with Stade getting into Lawrence and Lawrence into the outside wall in the aftermath. Behind them, Westwood and Gallinger got tangled up together in the avoidance.

The restart would see Fitzpatrick, Maginnis, and Gemmell go three-wide for the lead down the backstretch, bouncing off each other in the process. Fitzpatrick grabbed the initial advantage through turns three and four, though contact from Maginnis saw him do a complete 360 on the frontstretch.

As everybody got tied up, slowed up behind them, Franklin used the high side to escape contact, coming out with the lead ahead of Wickett, Maginnis, Sheridan, and Fitzpatrick. Maginnis tried to make a charge back forward, getting by Wickett for second on Lap 62, with Chenoweth clearing McFerran a couple laps later for 10th.

Jade Franklin led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Shane Maginnis, Jake Sheridan, J.R. Fitzpatrick, and Blair Wickett. Treyten Lapcevich finished sixth, followed by Shae Gemmell, DJ Kennington, Chris Howse, and Shawn Chenoweth.

Brandon McFerran placed 11th, followed by Josh Stade, Tom Gibbons, Miles Tyson, Mike Westwood, Kyle Steckly, Wally Wilson, Jake Gilbert, David Gallinger, and Jo Lawrence. Dustyn Mombourquette finished 21st, followed by Shawn McGlynn, Brett Rodwell, and Don Reinhart, with Kevin Albers and Mark Ruigrok failing to take the green flag.

Jake Sheridan was presented with the Qwick Wick Fastest Lap Award following the event.

Super Stocks

Ken Grubb qualified on pole with a lap of 16.345 seconds ahead of Andy Kamrath (16.360), Roy Wilkie (16.464), Paul Pepper (16.479), and Gerrit Tiemersma (16.480). Gary McLean qualified sixth, followed by Anthony DiBello, Steve Cashmore, Marvin Freiburger, and Justin Collison.

Kamrath grabbed the initial advantage ahead of Grubb, Wilkie, Tiemersma, and DiBello, as Cashmore and Pepper battled for sixth. Pepper got the spot on lap 3, with the caution coming a lap later for Lazary spinning off of turn four.

Kamrath got a good restart to maintain the advantage ahead of Grubb, Wilkie, DiBello, and Tiemersma. The second caution would come out on Lap 12, though, as McLean got loose and spun off of turn four, collecting Gallant and Verberne with him, as Brad Collison spun into the infield.

Kamrath got another good restart with Wilkie up to second ahead of Grubb, Cashmore, and DiBello. The second caution then came out on Lap 23 for Wilkie breaking something in the rear-end, getting into the outside turn one wall and stopping.