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Flamboro Speedway Increases Fan Accessibility

Millgrove, Ontario --- While continuing to work at improvements for the drivers throughout the pits, Flamboro Speedway has not forgotten about the fans that attend the speedway on a weekly basis. That is why they are always continuing to take step towards improving fan accessibility at the facility.

Over the winter, Flamboro Speedway staff have been hard at work on the VIP Turn One tower, adding a ramp to make it accessible to all guests for the 2019 race season, they are also changing the appearance on the inside, to allow for a better experience as fans take in the races.

Flamboro Speedway would like to thank a pair of long-time track sponsors for their support in the process. A pair of companies, Spira Fire Protection and Franklin Self Storage, have pitched in to sponsor the tower, While dedicating the improvements to Jim Collison and Mikey Sponga.

Founded in 1972, SPIRA Fire Protection Ltd. provides and maintains fire protection systems to make sure you're taken care of. Currently employing 35 full-time certified automatic sprinkler, protection installers and office staff, the reputation that they have been able to build over the past several years speaks to the quality and value of their work and products. You can learn more details at

Located in Cambridge, Franklin Self Storage is one of Ontario's largest indoor storage facilities. They have a variety of options for you to choose from, Ranging from climate controlled lockers to mobile units, to help you with all of your moving and storage needs. You can learn more details about their services at

The 2019 Flamboro Speedway schedule promises to be packed with action, with highlights including the Great Canadian Truck Show and the Grisdale Triple Crown on top of the great home track divisions.

Be sure to keep up with the latest by checking out the speedway's website at You can also keep up via your favorite social networking site by following the speedway on twitter at and Instagram at

By:Ashley McCubbin


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