July 3, 2021 Race Report

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- The long wait for the fans was over, as they were allowed to be in the grandstands at 25% capacity for the first time in 2021. In short, they were treated to a show as all the divisions wanted to ensure they were entertained.

Ontario Pro Challenge Series

The Ontario Pro Challenge Series got their 2021 season kicked off on Saturday night, with a familiar face in victory lane. Tim Norris scored the win ahead of Bryan Steveanus, Peter Hattin, Mike Norris, and Rick Seely. Larry Majuery finished sixth, followed by John Dryden, Emma Norris, and Mike O’Connell.

The second feature started off rough, with Majeury and Seeley getting hooked together coming to the green flag. Once they were separated, Mike Norris inherited the pole, and he did not look back en route to leading flag-to-flag for the win. Tim Norris got by Peter Hattin just past the halfway mark for second, with Bryan Steveanus and Rick Seeley rounding out the top-five. Larry Majeury placed sixth, followed by John Dryden, Emma Norris, and Mike O’Connell.

Devon Reyment ran into problems before the event, resulting in failing to take the green in either race. Feature 2 Video ---

Canadian Vintage Modified

The first event on the night saw the wiley veteran, Mike Podd score the victory. John Karley crossed the line in second, but was disqualified. Quinton Murdoch gets bumped up to second ahead of Jake Gilbert, T.J. Marshall, and Rick Willigar. Brian Pescetti placed sixth, followed by Joe Arsenault, Steve Murdoch, Doug Hood, and Dale Lucas. Jeremy Riopelle was 11th ahead of Connor Ross, while Rodney Rutherford failed to finish. Notably, Mike Westwood did not take the green flag.

The second feature started off a little messy, as Doug Hood spun in turn three and four, collecting several others along with him. Things seemed to smooth out, until Westwood and Rutherford made contact with eight laps to go, along with Murdoch hitting the outside frontstretch wall on the last lap.

Jeremy Riopelle, meanwhile, survived all the chaos to lead the field and score the victory ahead of Jake Gilbert, Joe Arsenault, Mike Westwood, and Dale Lucas. Brian Pescetti finished sixth, followed by Connor Ross, and Quinton Murdoch. As a result of the contact, Mike Podd failed to finish, along with Rick Willigar, T.J. Marshall, John Karley, Doug Hood, and Steve Murdoch. Rodney Rutherford, meanwhile, failed to take the green flag. Feature 2 Video ---

Mini Stocks

The dominance continues for Will Gibbons, as he was fast in both features and would not be denied on Saturday night, sweeping the events. It was not a clear simple task, though, as he had to work his way from the back and only made his way to first on the last lap, courtesy of a pass on Gillian Hils.

The first feature saw Will Gibbons score the victory ahead of Shawn Taylor, Dale Millard, Tyler Lewis, and Gillian Hils. Kaitlyn Wallace finished sixth, followed by Matt Young, John Istead, Cole Quinton, and Wayde Thorne. Mike Hooper and Mike Thomson placed 11th and 12th.

As previously mentioned, it was Gillian Hils whom placed second in the second feature ahead of John Istead, Shawn Taylor, and Dale Millard. Cole Quinton drove from the back for sixth, followed by Kaitlyn Wallace, and Tyler Lewis. Unfortunately, Wayde Thorne, Mike Hooper and Matt Young failed to finish.

Mike Gilmour did not start either feature due to issues in practice, while Mike Thomson did not start the second feature. Feature 2 ---

Pure Stocks

After scoring a fifth in the season opener, Phil Givens found his way to victory lane on Saturday night ahead of Kris Lawrence. Andy Wheller came across the finish line in third, but was disqualified post-race.

John Cote finished third, followed by Kyle Lucas and Leo Labarbera. Chase Mitchell placed sixth, followed by Bobby Mercer, Jimmy Hooper, Scott Tonelli, and Reece Bourgeois. Alex Stewart was 11th, followed by Rick VanKleef, Tim Shanahan, Spencer Riddell, Nicole Stewart, and Eric Stewart.

The invert for the second feature made things interesting and exc