Flamboro Speedway – July 6, 2019 Recap

HAMILTON, Ontario --- Despite running into power issues, Flamboro Speedway was able to get in the entire night of racing, thanks to J.R. Fitzpatrick loaning his generator. It was a gesture that earned him the EPIC Racewear Move of the Night Award from the track.

Ontario Pro Challenge Series

Tim Norris crossed the finish line in first for the Ontario Pro Challenge feature, but he would be disqualified post-race for not remaining in tech. Bryan Stevanous finished second, followed by Peter Hattin, Mike Norris, and Steve Garry. Ken MacLennan finished sixth, followed by Blake Near and Devon Rayment, while Rick Seeley failed to finish.

Bryan Stevanous kept the momentum going into the second feature, picking up the victory. Tim Norris finished second, followed by Mike Norris, Peter Hattin, and Steve Garry. Blake Near finished sixth, followed by Devon Rayment, while Ken MacLennan and Rick Seeley failed to finish.

Grisdale Racing Enterprises Late Models

Rick Burbridge won the first feature for his first feature victory of the season, followed by Kevin Albers, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Chad Corcoran, and Mark Burbridge.

Shawn McGlynn finished sixth to rebound after failing to qualify for the first round of the Grisdale Triple Crown, followed by Chris Howse, Carson Nagy, Tyler Di Venanzo, and Hudson Nagy. David Gallinger finished 11th, followed by Mike Westwood, while Jake Gilbert and Mike Klotz failed to finish.

J.R. Fitzpatrick’s good karma rewarded him, as he won the second feature for his fifth victory of 2019. Chris Howse finished second for his first top-five of 2019, ahead of Carson Nagy, Kevin Albers, and Chad Corcoran.

Hudson Nagy finished sixth for his second straight top-10, followed by Rick Burbridge, Mark Burbridge, Shawn McGlynn, and David Gallinger. Mike Westwood finished 11th, followed by Mike Klotz, while Jake Gilbert and Tyler Di Venanzo failed to finish.

Ray’s Towing & Recovery Super Stocks

Brad Collison picked up his fourth feature victory of the year ahead of Brandon McFerran, Dennis Cybalski, Randy Rusnell, and Justin Collison. Nick Troback finished sixth, followed by Kelsey Lamont and Austin Penney, while AJ Miller failed to finish.

Nick Troback used the invert to his advantage for his third victory of 2019 ahead of Justin Collison, Brandon McFerran, Dennis Cybalski, and Brad Collison. Randy Rusnell finished sixth, followed by Kelsey Lamont and Austin Penney, while AJ Miller failed to finish.

Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks

Starting on pole, Karl Sault led flag-to-flag en route to his fourth feature victory of 2019 ahead of Jake Watson, Shawn Taylor, Kyle Steckly, and Tyler Lewis. Matt Young finished sixth, followed by Erik Dalla Riva, Dylan Sharpe, Kyle Istead, and Will Gibbons.

Jonathan Ayrton finished 11th, followed by Kyle DaSilva, Allie Ditner, Wendy Adams, Kaitlyn Wallace, and Mike Hooper, while Wayde Thorne failed to finish.

Will Gibbons would make his way through the field to visit victory lane for the second time in the past two weeks. Jake Watson finished second, followed by Erik Dalla Riva, Kyle Steckly, and Kyle Istead. Karl Sault finished sixth, followed by Shawn Taylor, Dylan Sharpe, Jonathan Ayrton, and Tyler Lewis.

Kyle DaSilva finished 11th, followed by Allie Ditner, Kaitlyn Wallace, Wendy Adams, and Mike Hooper. Matt Young failed to finish, while Wayde Thorne did not take the green flag.

McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stocks

After coming close the past couple of weeks, Mark Thorne broke through for his first feature victory of the 2019 season. Dale Lucas finished second, followed by Bobby Mercer, Leo Labarbera, and Wayde Thorne.

Courtney Scott finished sixth, followed by Chris Pendlebury, Andy Wheller, Jared Bodnar, and Kyle Lucas. Jeff Kells finished 11th, followed by Jamie Whittam and Brian Gamble, while Jimmy Hooper failed to finish.