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Flamboro Speedway – June 22, 2019

Underneath sunny skies, the action was close on-track as the drivers at Flamboro Speedway battled hard for every single position on Saturday night.

Canadian Vintage Modifieds

The first feature would see Jeremy Barton pick up his second victory of 2019 ahead of Mike Klotz, TJ Marshall, Steve Trendell, and Mike Podd. John Karley finished sixth, followed by Ian McIntyre, Daryl Henwood, Patrick Ruelens, and Amanda Stoner. Chad Lawrence finished 11th, while Max Wright and Jason Bowden both failed to finish.

Steve Trendell became the fourth different feature winner of the season by winning the second event ahead of Daryl Henwood, Mike Podd, John Karley, and TJ Marshall. Max Wright finished sixth, followed by Amanda Stoner, Chad Lawrence, Patrick Ruelens, and Jeremy Barton. Ian McIntyre finished 11th, followed by Mike Klotz, with Jason Bowden failing to take the green flag.

Klotz Auto Repair and Machine Shop Mini Stocks

in his season debut, Mark Klotz made his way to victory lane in the first feature ahead of Jake Watson, Will Gibbons, Kyle Steckly, and Tyler Lewis. Karl Sault finished sixth, followed by Kyle Istead, Dylan Sharpe, Jonathan Ayrton, and Kyle Da Silva. Rich Schwartzenburg finished 11th, followed by Wayde Thorne, Mike Hooper, Allie Ditner, and Wendy Adams. Nick Lasiuk, Kaitlyn Wallace, and Shawn Taylor each failed to start following issues in practice.

It appeared as though Klotz was on his way to the daily double as he held the lead late in the second feature. However, contact from Watson on the last lap would send Klotz around for the spin. Jake Watson got credited with the win ahead of Karl Sault, Kyle Steckly, Will Gibbons, and Tyler Lewis. Dylan Sharpe finished sixth, followed by Mark Klotz, Kyle Da Silva, Jonathan Ayrton, and Mike Hooper.

Wendy Adams finished 11th, followed by Allie Ditner, Matt Young, Kyle Istead, and Rich Schwartzenburg. John Ditner, Nick Lasiuk, Kaitlyn Wallace, and Shawn Taylor each failed to start. Also, Young was disqualified post-race for unsportsmanlike conduct.

McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stocks

The strong season continued for Leo Labarbera as he scored his third feature victory of the season ahead of Gillian Hils, Dale Lucas, Bobby Mercer, and Andy Wheller. Jared Bodner finished sixth, followed by Rodney Rutherford, Andrew Packer, Chris Pendlebury, and Courtney Scott.

Jamie Whittam finished 11th, followed by Kyle Lucas, Jimmy Hooper, Jeff Kells, Blake Near, Brian Gamble, and Mark Thorne. Mark Dennis, Steve DeLeeuw, and Brody Bowen each would not take the green flag.

The inverted feature worked out in Gillian Hils’ favor as she was able to make her way back through for the victory. Mark Thorne finished second, followed by Bobby Mercer, Leo Labarbera, and Jared Bodner. Dale Lucas finished sixth, followed by Courtney Scott, Rodney Rutherford, Kyle Lucas, and Andy Wheller.

Andrew Packer finished 11th, followed by Blake Near, Jimmy Hooper, Jamie Whittam, Chris Pendlebury, and Jeff Kells. Brian Gamble failed to finish, while Mark Dennis, Steve DeLeeuw, and Brody Bowen did not take the green flag.

Pro 4 Modifieds

Mark Lucas won the first feature for his third victory of 2019 ahead of Cliff Hodgkinson, Dan Pettit, Dave Hodgkinson, and Shannon Morris. Mike Westwood failed to finish.

Cliff Hodgkinson won the second feature for his first victory of the season ahead of Dave Hodgkinson, Mike Westwood, and Dan Pettit. Shannon Morris and Mark Lucas both failed to finish.

Thanks to Peter Anderson for all of his photos from Saturday night.

This Saturday, June 29, the night will be headlined by the Ontario Modified Racing Series making their first appearance of the 2019 season. They will be joined by the Ray’s Auto Centre and Towing Super Stocks, Klotz Auto Repair & Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks, McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stocks, and Pro 4 Modifieds. There will also be a demolition derby following the completion of all the racing action. The pit gate opens at 4 pm, followed by the front gate opening at 5pm with racing starting at 6:30 pm.

Admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

By: Ashley McCubbin


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