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Flamboro Speedway – May 11, 2019 Recap

With a couple visiting divisions on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway, the track was filled with action from the drop of the first green flag, to the checkered of the last race on the night.

Canadian Vintage Modifieds

Saturday night served as the season opener for the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, who will spend their entire summer at Flamboro Speedway for the 2019 campaign.

Starting up front, Mike Podd used his track position to his advantage, leading flag-to-flag en route to winning the first feature despite being stalked throughout the event by TJ Marshall and Steve Trendell. Jeremy Barton and Ian McIntyre rounded out the top-five, followed by John Karley, Amanda Stoner, Doug Hood, Brian Atkinson, and Ron Easton. Unfortunately, Max Wright failed to take the green flag.

TJ Marshall would win the second feature ahead of Jeremy Barton, Mike Podd, Steve Trendell, and Ian McIntyre. Brian Atkinson finished sixth, followed by Amanda Stoner and John Karley. Ron Easton failed to finish, while Doug Hood and Max Wright did not take the green flag.

Lucas Oil T.Q. Can-Am Midgets

Dominique Smith started off the night by winning the first heat ahead of Darren Dryden, Ryan Fraser, Cassidy March, and David Miller. Paul Harrison and Cameron Ruggerio followed, with Brody Rickwood failing to finish.

Steven Murdock won the second qualifier ahead of Mack DeMan, Cory Whittam, Brandon Zavarella, and Tim Kovac. Tim Ruggerio failed to finish, while Dave Mathers and Daniel Hawn did not take the green flag.

David Miller won the b-main ahead of Tim Kovac, Brody Rickwood, Paul Harrison, Cameron Ruggerio, Dave Mathers, and Tim Ruggerio.

Cassidy March and Cory Whittam would lead the field to the green flag, but it was Steve Murdock who was able to make his way through for the early advantage. Murdock led several laps, though a mid-race restart worked out beautifully for Brandon Zavarella, as he used the outside lane to power by Murdock for the lead.

Despite being constantly stalked through lap traffic, Brandon Zavarella remained poised, leading the rest of the way en route to the victory. Darren Dryden would edge out Steve Murdock at the line for second, with Mack DeMan and Cory Whittam rounding out the top-five.

Smith finished sixth, followed by Cassidy March, David Miller, Tim Kovac, and Paul Harrison. Tim Ruggerio and Dave Mathers finished 11th and 12th, with Cameron Ruggerio and Brody Rickwood failing to finish. Daniel Hawn and Ryan Fraser would not take the green flag.

Ontario Pro Challenge Series

The Ontario Pro Challenge opened their Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway with a pair of features.

Peter Hattin scored his first career feature victory in the first event ahead of Bryan Stevanus, Mike Norris, Steve Garry, Ken MacLennan, Adam Tyo, and Julia Capirchio.

Starting in the second row, Tim Norris wasted no time getting to the lead in the second feature, leading flag-to-flag en route to the victory. It wasn’t without being challenged, though, as Bryan Stevanus was right there with him throughout the entire feature. Mike Norris finished third, followed by Steve Garry and Peter Hattin. Adam Tyo finished sixth, followed by Ken MacLennan, and Julia Capirchio.

Grisdale Racing Products Late Models

The fans in the attendance were entertained with the first Late Model feature, as J.R. Fitzpatrick and Andy Kamrath battled back and forth for the lead in the early stages. Fitzpatrick would score the victory, with Kevin Albers sneaking through to get second. Andy Kamrath finished third, followed by Rick Burbridge, and Mark Burbridge. Chris Howse finished sixth, followed by Chad Corcoran, Carson Nagy, Jake Gilbert and Brent Wheller. Mike Klotz finished 11th, followed by Gary Elliott and David Gallinger. Mike Westwood and Tyler Di Venanzo would fail to finish.

Starting deep in the field, J.R. Fitzpatrick used the outside line to his advantage, making his way through the field to the front of the field to score his third straight victory. Chad Corcoran finished second, followed by Brent Wheller, Mark Burbridge, and Carson Nagy. Rick Burbridge finished sixth, followed by Jake Gilbert, Kevin Albers, Dave Gallinger, and Mike Klotz. Gary Elliott finished 11th, followed by Andy Kamrath. Chris Howse, Mike Westwood, and Tyler Di Venanzo would fail to finish.

McClurkin Properties Pure Stocks

Starting near the front of the field, Gillian Hils took the early lead and cruised away from the field en route to her first victory of the season. Derek Jackson crossed the finish line in second, but was disqualified post-race. Mark Thorne got credited with second, followed by Bobby Mercer, Rodney Rutherford, and Dale Lucas.

Jonathan Ayrton finished sixth, followed by Andy Wheller, Leo Labarbera, Courtney Scott and Jared Bodner. Wayde Thorne finished 11th, followed by Chris Pendlebury, Kyle Lucas, Brody Bowen, Jeff Kells, Andrew Packer, and Brian Campbell. Eric Stewart and RJ Croteau failed to take the green flag.

In the second feature, Derek Jackson made his way through the field to grab the lead, pacing the field the rest of the way en route to the win. However, post-race, race director Doug Leonard posted a message stating, “As of May 11, 2019, the Pure Stock Car No. 29 driven by Derek Jackson was found to be to be illegal on a technical infraction. The driver has been suspended for one whole calendar year. The car has been suspended for the remainder of the 2019 season and all points have been revoked to date.”

As a result, Leo Labarbera gets credited with his second victory of the 2019 campaign ahead of Rodney Rutherford, Bobby Mercer, Jared Bodner, and Gillian Hils. Chris Pendlebury finished sixth, followed by Jonathan Ayrton, Wayde Thorne, Jeff Kells, and Dale Lucas. Mark Thorne finished 11th, followed by Andy Wheller, Kyle Lucas, Brody Bowen, Andrew Packer, Eric Stewart, and Brian Stewart. Courtney Scott failed to finish, while Michael Kenny did not take the green flag.

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This weekend at Flamboro Speedway, the Canadian Vintage Modifieds are back in action, joined by the Ray’s Towing & Recovery Super Stocks, Klotz Auto Repair & Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks, McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stocks, and the Pro 4 Modifieds. The pit gate opens at 4 pm, followed by the front gate opening at 5pm with racing starting at 6:30 pm.

Gate details and admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at

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By: Ashley McCubbin


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