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Flamboro Speedway- November 4, 2018 Recap

Despite Mother Nature trying to hinder their spirits and ruin the fun, Flamboro Speedway staff kept pushing hard to get their final event of the year in. They were finally able to, with the running of the Halloween Enduro 200 on Sunday, November 4.

With cars decorated for the holiday – from ladybugs, to spiders, to pictures of death and clowns, the speedway was full all the way around with traffic. The racing was close over the full 200 lap distance, despite spins and contact slowing the event at times. A car caught on its side, or a vehicle losing a wheel wasn’t enough to take away from the excitement, either, as the side-by-side racing in the midst of that kept fans on the edge of their seat.

Flamboro Speedway Mini Stock regular Karl Sault would come out victorious, followed by Kent Nuhn in second. Pro 4 Modified front runner Rodney Rutherford placed third, followed by Dan Dos Santos and Jordan Morris. Despite numerous setbacks and laps, the top-five were all within a couple laps of each other at the end.

Mike Ollivero finished sixth, followed by Steve Lovie, Dylan Sharpe, Mike Troback, and Josh Shantz. Jordan Willms was 11th, followed by Phil Givens, Brian Bateson, Scott McGregor, John Cote, Greg Campbell, Vincent Pagnota, Adam Marsh, Steve Robison, and Tyler Junkin.

With the final event run of 2018, the year comes to a close. Flamboro Speedway would like to thank the fans that came out each week, as well as the drivers and their crews for the races put on. Special thanks to the staff and sponsors for all of their support, and we look forward to seeing everybody at the year-end banquet.

By: Ashley McCubbin


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