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Jason Keen and Cole Weber Score OSCAAR Feature Victories at Flamboro

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- Grabbing the lead in the early stages, Jason Keen led the way en route to his first career Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC OSCAAR Modifieds presented by Just Foam It feature fueled by Touchwood Cabinets victory on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway.

Andy Kamrath won the first JRS Auctions heat followed by Dale Reinhart, Jake Watson, Norman Newman, Marshall Schrenk, Bryan Batty, Tim Gordon, and Tommy Robb.

TJ Edwards was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Jason Keen, A.J. Emms, Tyler Liscum, Herb Walters, Luke Gignac, and Wally Wilson.

Come feature time, Norman Newman started pole in front of Tyler Liscum, Jason Keen, Jake Watson, A.J. Emms, TJ Edwards, Andy Kamrath, Dale Reinhart, Marshall Schrenk, Herb Walters, Luke Gignac, Bryan Batty, Tim Gordon, Wally Wilson, David Mathers, and Tommy Robb.

The feature started off a little messy, with Reinhart taking a trip through the backstretch grass. The race stayed green with Norman Newman grabbing the early advantage in front of Keen, Emms, Kamrath, Edwards, and Watson. Jason Keen took over the lead on Lap 3, bringing Kamrath, Emms, Edwards, Watson, Liscum, and Walters through with him over the next three laps. Unfortunately, Mathers’ OSCAAR debut came to end with him pulling into the infield on Lap 9.

With 12 laps on the board, Keen continued to lead in front of Kamrath, Emms, Edwards, and Watson. It remained the same until while splitting lap traffic just past the halfway mark, Reinhart challenged Watson for fifth, taking over the fifth spot on Lap 25, with Walters heading pit side a lap later due to issues.

The race took a dramatic turn on Lap 30 as contact between Liscum and Edwards as the leaders weaved through lap traffic resulted in Edwards being sent into the turn three barrier, riding the wall before going over and making contact with the outside fence. Thankfully, Edwards was uninjured in the crash and the spectator injured is set to make a full recovery.

The event was called at that point, with Jason Keen getting credited as the winner in front of Andy Kamrath, A.J. Emms, TJ Edwards, and Dale Reinhart. Herb Walters finished sixth, followed by Norman Newman, Bryan Batty, Tyler Liscum, and Tim Gordon. Luke Gignac placed 11th, followed by Marshall Schrenk, Wally Wilson, Herb Walters, Tommy Robb, and David Mathers.


It seems every time the No. 9 competes, it is part of the conversation for the win. That was the case on Saturday night, as Cole Weber won the Qwick Wick Fire Starter OSCAAR Hot Rod feature fueled by EPIC Racewear at Flamboro Speedway.

Cole Weber won the first JRS Auctions heat followed by Marty Monette, Jordan Morris, Nick Clarke, Matt Hopkins, Connor Ellis, Nick Holman and Matt Spry. Kyle Woods and Gary Hannah did not take the green flag.

Tom Walters was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Paul Senior, Jaeger McMaster, Rob Bromley, Steve Book, Bill Zardo, Ed Peterson, and Ryan Cowan. Steve Adams failed to finish following contact with Zardo on Lap 3 on the frontstretch.

Come feature time, Jordan Morris qualified pole in front of Tom Walters, Paul Senior, Nick Clarke, Rob Bromley, Jaeger McMaster, Marty Monette, Cole Weber, Matt Hopkins, Steve Book, Connor Ellis, Bill Zardo Sr., Ryan Cowan, Steve Adams, Nick Holman, Bill Clarke, Matt Spry, Ed Peterson, and Gary Hannah.

Tom Walters grabbed the top spot on the opening lap in front of Clarke, Senior, Monette, and McMaster. Weber would get alongside McMaster for fifth on Lap 8, completing the pass a lap later. The racing action would be slowed on Lap 11, though, for Spry going around in turns three and four.

Walters got a good restart as Clarke and Monette battled for second, with Monette getting second on Lap 13, bringing McMaster and Weber through with him. Clarke now ran fifth in front of Senior, Book, and Bromley. McMaster continued to move forward, passing Monette for second on Lap 16, with Weber following him through. Senior would then get alongside Clarke for fifth on Lap 19, completing the pass a lap later.

The race would have a green-flag appearance to it with the field spread out, until the caution came out with five laps to go for Monette going around after laying fluid on the track. Bromley, Cowan, and Morris spun in the fluid, each getting their spots back for the restart.

Walters and McMaster battled into turn one, with McMaster going up the track through the middle of the corner as Walters came off the corner with the advantage. Weber was able to get by and snag the second spot, finding himself on the bumper of Walters.

Cole Weber made his move on the last lap, edging out Tom Walters at the line for the victory, as Nick Clarke finished third, followed by Paul Senior and Steve Book. Bill Zardo Sr. was sixth, followed by Rob Bromley, Matt Hopkins, Ed Peterson, and Jordan Morris. Ryan Cowan was 11th ahead of Connor Ellis, Matt Spry, Kyle Woods, and Nick Holman.

Ontario Pro Challenge

Although Mike Norris was able to win the first Ontario Pro Challenge Series feature on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway, it’d be Rodney Rutherford breaking the Norris stranglehold on the class by winning the second 25-lap affair.

Emma Norris led the opening lap ahead of Peter Hattin, as Mike Norris and Ethan Fleet battled for third. Peter Hattin snagged the top spot on Lap 2, with Mike passing his sister Emma for second a lap later, as Travis Majuery ran fourth. Mike was not done yet, getting alongside Hattin for the lead, taking over the top spot on Lap 8. Hattin now ran second in front of Tim Norris and Rodney Rutherford, as Majuery battled Emma for fifth. Majuery got the spot on Lap 11, with Tim getting by Hattin for second a couple laps later.

Mike Norris led the rest of the way en route to winning ahead of Tim Norris, Peter Hattin, Rodney Rutherford, and Travis Majuery. Nolan Quinton passed Emma Norris for sixth with three laps to go, followed by Ethan Fleet, Mike O’Connell, and Jae Pepin.

Travis Majuery took the early advantage on the opening lap of the second feature in front of Mike O’Connell, Peter Hattin and Mike Norris, with Nolan Quinton and Emma Norris side-by-side for fifth. Norris took over third on Lap 3, with Rodney Rutherford alongside Quinton now for fifth. Norris continued moving forward, moving into second ahead of O’Connell, Hattin and Rutherford, with Tim Norris now side-by-side with Quinton.

With seven laps on the board, Majuery in front of Mike Norris, O’Connell, Hattin, Rutherford, Tim Norris, Quinton, Norris, and Ethan Fleet. Rutherford would get alongside Hattin for fourth, but the caution came out on Lap 10 for O’Connell going around.

Majuery got a good restart, as Rutherford tagged Mike Norris down the backstretch in their battle for second. This would allow Norris to grab second in front of Rutherford, Hattin, Tim Norris, and Quinton. Mike Norris would get alongside Majuery for the lead, but the yellow flag returned on Lap 14 for Hattin going around in turn two.

The restart saw Majuery and Mike Norris side-by-side for second, as Rutherford battled Tim Norris for third. Rutherford got the spot, as Quinton rounded out the top-five. Mike Norris got the top spot on Lap 17, with Rutherford following him through three laps later. Majuery now ran third in front of Tim Norris, Quinton, Emma Norris, and Hattin. Majuery got loose on Lap 22, allowing both Tim Norris and Quinton to get by. Majuery’s trouble got worse, as he’d go around in turns three and four a lap later, collecting Emma Norris with him.

Rodney Rutherford grabbed the top spot on the restart, pacing the final two laps in front of Mike Norris, Tim Norris, Peter Hattin, and Nolan Quinton. Mike O’Connell placed sixth, followed by Ethan Fleet, Travis Majuery, Emma Norris, and Jae Pepin.

Super Stocks

One of the future stars of the sport, and the current Super Stock points leader shared the spotlight on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway, as Chase Pinsonneault and Lane Zardo split the feature victories.

Brody Rickwood started pole for the first feature ahead of Steve Cashmore, Roy Wilkie, Chase Pinsonneault, Justin Collison, Lane Zardo, and Austin Penney.

Brody Rickwood grabbed the early advantage ahead of Wilkie, Collison, Zardo, and Pinsonneault. Zardo began to make his way forward, though, passing Collison for third on Lap 8, with the caution coming out though for Penney going around on the backstretch.

Roy Wilkie got a good restart to take over the top spot, with Rickwood holding down second in front of Pinsonneault, Zardo, and Collison. Pinsonneault would then get by Rickwood on Lap 12 to take over second, before getting alongside WIlkie for the lead seven laps later. His attempt would be successful, as Chase Pinsonneault took over the top spot on Lap 23, with Zardo and Rickwood following him through over the next lap.

Chase Pinsonneault led the final couple laps to score the victory in front of Lane Zardo, Brody Rickwood, Roy Wilkie, Justin Collison, and Steve Cashmore, as Austin Penney did not finish. Randy Rusnell did not take the green flag.

Justin Collison grabbed the early advantage in feature two in front of Roy Wilkie and Lane Zardo, with Zardo taking over second on Lap 2 in front of Wilkie, Pinsonneault, and Brody Rickwood. Zardo got alongside Collison for the top spot on Lap 6, taking over the lead, with Wilkie moving into second four laps later.

Lane Zardo led the rest of the way to score the victory in front of Roy Wilkie, Chase Pinsonneault, Justin Collison, Brody Rickwood, and Steve Cashmore, while Austin Penney and Randy Rusnell did not take the green flag.

Mini Stocks

A pair of familiar fast cars found their way to victory lane in Mini Stock action at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night, with Ryan Edwards-Kiss and Shawn Taylor picking up the checkered flags.

Mike Gilmour started pole for the first feature ahead of Kaitlyn Wallace, Shawn Taylor, Ryan Edwards-Kiss, Mike Thomson, Bobby Mercer, Nikki King, and Issac Goodfellow.

The feature did not start off well, with Thomson making contact with the outside turn one wall after a steering issue. The restart saw Mike Gilmour grab the advantage, as Wallace and Taylor battled for second. Taylor got the spot on Lap 2, with Edwards-Kiss trying to follow him through, but the yellow flag flew on Lap 3 for Gilmour going around. Taylor would be sent to the back as an involved car, allowing Kaitlyn Wallace to inherit the top spot.

The restart saw King go around for a spin in turns one and two, but able to get back going without a yellow flag. Ryan Edwards-Kiss was the man at the front, though, taking over the top spot as Wallace battled Mercer for second. Mercer got the spot on Lap 5, with Taylor looking to follow him through. Mercer’s strong run came to end two laps later, though, as he slowed at the bottom of the track with a problem.

Taylor would over the runner-up spot on Lap 8, bringing Gilmour through with him as Wallace ran fourth in front of Goodfellow and King. King would go for another spin four laps later, but once again able to get back going. Taylor would challenge for the top spot through the final 10 laps, getting alongside Edwards-Kiss on a couple occasions. Each time, though, he was unable to complete the pass for the win.

Ryan Edwards-Kiss held on for the victory in front of Shawn Taylor, Mike Gilmour, Kaitlyn Wallace, Issac Goodfellow, and Nikki King, as Bobby Mercer and Mike Thomson failed to finish.

The second feature did not start off well, with Mike Gilmour slowing on the backstretch. Shawn Taylor grabbed the lead off the drop of the green, pacing the full distance, with Mike Thomson placing second after getting by Kaitlyn Wallace on Lap 11. Ryan Edwards-Kiss placed fourth, followed by Bobby Mercer, Issac Goodfellow, and Nikki King.

The varying degrees of experience and age in the Pure Stock division at Flamboro Speedway are one of the reasons why fans find it so exciting. That shined through on Saturday night through the pair of features.

The first feature saw Jesse Hirtzel start pole in front of Nic Ramsay, Cameron Thomson, Rick Mitchell, Spencer Riddell, Caroline Kelly, Phil Givens, Moses Ruiz, Reece Bourgeois, Alex Stewart, Kyle Lucas, Eric Stewart, Leo Labarbera, Chance Rogers, and Nicole Givens.

Nic Ramsay grabbed the early advantage ahead of Mitchell, but the caution flew on Lap 2 after contact between Ruiz and Alex Stewart resulted in Ruiz flipping over. Thankfully, both drivers would be okay. The restart saw Ramsay hold serve in front of Mitchell, with Thomson third as the yellow flag came out, this time on Lap 5 for Lucas going around.

Ramsay held the lead once again, still in front of Mitchell and Thomson, as Riddell ran fourth in front of Phil Givens. The battle for second got interesting on Lap 15, with Mitchell and Thomson making contact. Both drivers saved it, but it would allow Riddell to get by Thomson to take over third. Givens would challenge Thomson for fourth three laps later, as Eric Stewart tagged the back of Bourgeois. Givens did not get the spot, instead being challenged for fifth by Bourgeous. Givens held off the challenge, with Stewart grabbing sixth in the process as Lucas looked to follow him through.

Nic Ramsay led the rest of the way en route to the checkered flag, but was ultimately disqualified post-race. Rick Mitchell crossed the finish line in second, followed by Spencer Riddell, Cameron Thomson, Phil Givens, Eric Stewart, Kyle Lucas, Reece Bourgeois, Chance Rogers, and Alex Stewart. Nicole Givens crossed the finish line in 11th, followed by Leo Labarbera and Jesse Hirtzel, while Caroline Kelly and Moses Ruiz did not finish. Mark Allan did not take the green flag.

Leo Labarbera grabbed the early advantage in the second feature ahead of Nicole Givens and Chance Rogers, as Alex Stewart battled Kyle Lucas for fourth. Nicole would get alongside Labarbera for the lead on Lap 4, though unable to complete the pass.

Instead, she would be challenged for second by Rogers, as the battle for fourth continued behind them. Unfortunately, Rogers’ strong run came to end on Lap 7 as he slowed with a problem on the frontstretch.

Nicole Givens tried again for the top spot on Lap 8, this time snagging the lead as Lucas followed her through for second, with Labarbera back to third as Bourgeois and Alex Stewart battled for fourth. Bourgeois got the spot, challenging Labarbera for third on Lap 12, and getting the spot a lap later. Phil Givens slipped into fourth in front of Eric Stewart.

Lucas would get alongside Givens for the lead with two laps to go, but was unable to complete the pass. Nicole Givens led the rest of the way en route to winning ahead of Kyle Lucas, Phil Givens, Reece Bourgeois, Eric Stewart, Cameron Thomson, Rick Mitchell, Leo Labarbera, Spencer Riddell, and Alex Stewart. Chance Rogers and Jesse Hirtzel placed 11th and 12th, while Moses Ruiz failed to finish. Nic Ramsay, Mark Allan, and Caroline Kelly did not take the green flag.

Ontario Pro Challenge Feature 2 -

Thanks to Derek Smith (, Peter Anderson (, and for their images of the racing action each week.

Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for filming each week. Be sure to check out her videos at

The next event at Flamboro Speedway is scheduled for Saturday, September 3, with the return of the Pro Late Models. They will be joined by the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Mini Stocks.

Then on Sunday, September 4, get ready as all the excitement comes together with the Pot of Gold 300 Enduro, which is set to award $50,000 to the winner as part of the track’s 50th anniversary.

Be sure to keep up with the latest by checking out Flamboro Speedway’s website at You can also keep up via your favorite social networking website by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at Fans are encouraged to like the speedway’s Facebook page at

By: Ashley McCubbin


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