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Lapcevich, Sault, Lawrence, Petit and James Score Flamboro Frostoberfest Victories

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- With nine features run throughout Saturday, it was safe to say that there was a lot of action on the track at Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest.

Ray’s Towing and Recovery Super Stocks

Battling for the win in both features, Treyten Lapcevich put together a solid performance en route to the overall Ray’s Towing and Recovery Super Stock Frostoberfest victory.

Trevor Collver laid down the quickest lap in time trials at 16.397 seconds ahead of Brad Collison, Gerrit Tiemersma, Coltin Everingham, Treyten Lapcevich, Roy Wilkie, Cory McAllister, Jordan Latimer, Ken Grubb, and Kenny McNicol. Dale Shaw qualified 11th, followed by Randy Rusnell, Dennis Cybalski, Kelsey Lamont, Jamie Klumper, Paul Geniole Jr., Steve Adams, Austin Penney, and AJ Miller.

The action started right away off the drop of the green flag, with pole sitter Collver going up in smoke. Collison would inherit the lead, getting a good restart as Tiemersma and Lapcevich battled for second. Lapcevich would take over the spot on Lap 4 ahead of Tiemersma, Wilkie, and Everingham.

At the front of the field, the leaders would battle through traffic, until the race’s second caution at Lap 34 involving Geniole, Wilkie, and Kumper in turn three.

Collision got a good restart ahead of Lapcevich, Tiemersma, Everingham, Grubb and McAllister, as Adams pulled off the track. The leaders ran single-file, eventually catching the tail of the field, allowing Lapcevich to get alongside for the top spot on Lap 39. However, Collison was able to hold off the challenge.

Brad Collison led the rest of the way en route to winning by half a car in front of Treyten Lapcevich. Gerrit Tiemersma finished third, followed by Coltin Everingham, Ken Grubb, Cory McAllister, Dale Shaw, Jordan Latimer, Kenny McNicol, and Randy Rusnell. Dennis Cybalski finished 11th, followed by Paul  Geniole Jr., Jamie Klumper, Kelsey Lamont, Austin Penney, Bobby Mercer, AJ Miller, Steve Adams, Roy Wilkie, and Trevor Collver.

For the second feature, Jamie Klumper started pole ahead of Paul Geniole Jr., Dennis Cybalski, Randy Rusnell, Kenny McNicol, Jordan Latimer, Dale Shaw, Cory McAllister, Ken Grubb, Coltin Everingham, Gerrit Tiemersma, Treyten Lapcevich, Brad Collison, Kelsey Lamont, Bobby Mercer, Austin Penney, Roy Wilkie, Steve Adams, and AJ Miller.

Klumper held the early lead, with Geniole and Cybalski side-by-side for second. Geniole got the spot on Lap 3, with Latimer looking to follow him through. Unfortunately, it would not go as planned with contact resulting in both Latimer and Cybalski going around for the first caution. Tiemersma would be collected, sent to the back as an involved car.

Klumper got a good restart to hold the lead ahead of Geniole and Rusnell, with McAllister and McNicol side-by-side off turn two for fourth ahead of Shaw. McNicol got the spot on Lap 7, bringing Shaw and Lapcevich through with him. Wilkie would look to join them, but contact between him and McAllister sent McAllister around in turns three and four for the second caution at Lap 9.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Klumper and Geniole, as Rusnell and Shaw battled for third. Further back, McNicol would climb the wall on Lap 10, with Collison going around on Lap 11 for the third caution. McNicol pulled off the track under the yellow flag, done for the event.

The restart would see chaos on the frontstretch, with Latimer on top of Everingham’s hood, before spinning through the grass. McAllister also went through the grass in the process with Lamont catching a piece of action, ripping one of the rear tires off of the car.

The second attempt would go cleaner, as Geniole led Rusnell and Lapcevich, with Lapcevich getting by Rusnell for second on Lap 12. Shaw ran fourth ahead of Kumper, with Cybalski and Tiemersma side-by-side for sixth. Tiemersma would get the spot, challenging Klumper for fifth on Lap 14.

At the front of the field, Lapcevich took over the top spot on Lap 15 with Rusnell, Shaw and Tiemersma following him through to bump Geniole back to fifth. Meanwhile, Adams pulled off the track with a problem on Lap 19.

With 22 laps on the board, Lapcevich led Rusnell, Shaw, Tiemersma, Geniole, and McAllister. Everingham would then pass McAllister for sixth on Lap 25, followed by a pass on Geniole for fifth three laps later. Everingham’s progress also continued, as he passed Tiemersma for fourth on Lap 42.

Treyten Lapcevich led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory, with Dale Shaw making the late-race move with three laps to go to finish second. Coltin Everingham finished third, followed by Randy Rusnell and Gerrit Tiemerma. Cory McAllister finished sixth, followed by Paul Geniole Jr., Dennis Cybalski, Roy Wilkie, and Jamie Klumper.

Ken Grubb finished 11th, followed by Austin Penney, Bobby Mercer, AJ Miller, Steve Adams, Jordan Latimer, Brad Collison, Kenny McNicol, and Kelsey Lamont.

Virtue of a second and first in the pair of features, Treyten Lapcevich would get the overall win ahead of Coltin Everingham, Gerrit Tiemersma, Dale Shaw, and Cory McAllister. Randy Rusnell finished sixth, followed by Ken Grubb, Brad Collison, Paul Geniole Jr., and Dennis Cybalski. Jamie Klumper finished 11th, followed by Kenny McNicol, Austin Penney, Roy Wilkie, Bobby Mercer, AJ Miller, Steve Adams, Kelsey Lamont, and Trevor Collver.

Justin Collison was unable to start either feature due to blowing a motor in practice.

Klotz Auto Repair and Machine Shop Mini Stocks

Coming down to a late-race battle and tie breaker, it’d be Karl Sault scoring the Klotz Auto Repair & Engine Shop Mini Stock Frostoberfest victory.

The afternoon started off with time trials, with Andy Kamrath laying down the quickest lap at 17.517 seconds. Dylan Sharpe qualified second, followed by Kyle Steckly, Karl Sault, Erik Dalla Riva, Shawn Taylor, Jake Watson, Kevin Bridge, and Tyler Lewis. Jason Tolton qualified 11th, followed by Wayde Thorne, Kaitlyn Wallace, Craig Kamrath, Brandon Crumbie, Samantha Shaw, Kyle Istead, Billy Schwartzenburg, Issac Dippel, and Paul Boyd.

Jonathan Ayrton qualified 21st, followed by Bobby Tolton, Andrea Parsons, Kyle Da Silva, and Gillian Hils. These drivers would lock themselves automatically into the show, with the rest going to the b-main to make it in.

Kevin Bridge, who had his time disqualified after failing to visit technical inspection following his run, would score the victory in the b-main. Melissa Bullen finished second, followed by Dave Silverthorne Jr., Matt Young, Tyler Lewis, and Tristan Da Silva to qualify into the show. Brandon Feeney, Leo Babarbera, Chris French and Mike Thompson would fail to qualify.

Andy Kamrath broke out into the early lead in the first 50 lap feature ahead of Sharpe, Sault, Taylor, and Steckly, with the first caution coming out on Lap 4 for Bullen and Parsons getting together.

Kamrath got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Sault, Sharpe, Steckly and Dalla Riva. Steckly would move up into third on Lap 10 ahead of Sharpe, before the front runners strung out single-file, beginning to weave through lap traffic. Dalla Riva used to the lap car of Parsons to his advantage on Lap 20, passing Sharpe for fourth.

As they came up on the lapped car of Hils, Watson would get alongside Sharpe for fifth, completing the pass on Lap 25. Meanwhile, Lewis would head off the track into the pits. The caution then flew three laps later for Andy Kamrath and Crumbie both going around in the fluid laid down by Lewis. As a result, both cars were sent to the back of the lead lap, handing the lead over to Sault. Under the caution, Dalla Riva broke a rear axle, while Shaw made a trip into the pits with mechanical issues.

Sault got a good restart to keep the top spot ahead of Steckly, Taylor, Watson, and  Young. Both Steckly and Schwartzenburg would slide sideways through turn two on Lap 31, which allowed Kamrath to pass Schwartzenburg for eighth. Kamrath then passed Tolton for seventh on Lap 34, followed by both Sharpe and Kamrath getting by Young a lap later. Kamrath then got alongside Sharpe for fifth on Lap 36, completing the pass a lap later as Tolton passed Young for seventh ahead of Bridge.

Further up closer to the front, Watson got alongside Taylor for third on Lap 39, with Kamrath taking them both three-wide to take over the spot a lap later. Watson then would clear Taylor for fourth on Lap 41 ahead of Sharpe. The caution came out on Lap 46 for Bullen stopping in turn two.

Karl Sault got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to winning. Andy Kamrath made a couple late race passes to finish second ahead of Kyle Steckly, Jake Watson, Shawn Taylor, Dylan Sharpe, Jason Tolton, Kevin Bridge, Cory Young, and Wayde Thorne.

Billy Schwartzenburg finished 11th, followed by Craig Kamrath, Samantha Shaw, Brandon Crumbie, Paul Boyd, Kaitlyn Wallace, Bobby Tolton, Jonathan Ayrton, Issac Dippel, and Dave Silverthorne Jr. Kyle Da Silva finished 21st, followed by Gillian Hils, Melissa Bullen, Kyle Istead, Andrea Parsons, Tristan Da Silva, Erik Dalla Riva, Tyler Lewis, Matt Young, and Kris Lawrence.

In the second feature, Dave Silverthorne Jr. started pole ahead of Issasc Dippel, Bobby Tolton, Kaitlyn Wallace, Paul Boyd, Brandon Crumbie, Samantha Shaw, Craig Kamrath, Billy Schwartzenburg, Wayde Thorne, Cory Young, Kevin Bridge, Jason Tolton, Dylan Sharpe, Shawn Taylor, Jake Watson, Kyle Steckly, Andy Kamrath, Karl Sault and more.

The feature started off with a yellow flag, with Parsons and Bullen getting together in turn one.

Dippel grabbed the lead on the second attempt to start the event ahead of Wallace, as Craig Kamrath and Crumbie battled for third, with Thorne and Silverthorne Jr. side-by-side for fifth.

Crumbie would take over third, getting alongside Wallace for second on Lap 3. Crumbie easily took the spot, with Bridge looking to follow him through. The battle for third got interesting on Lap 5 with Wallace and Bridge making contact, causing them to get a little slideways, with Andy Kamrath pulling off the split through the middle.

At the front, Crumbie would get alongside Dippel for the lead, but was unable to complete the pass as Andy Kamrath moved into third ahead of his brother Craig Kamrath, Thorne and Young.

As the leaders got hung up in traffic, Andy Kamrath made his move, taking them three-wide to take over the top spot on Lap 11. Crumbie now ran second ahead of Dippel, Craig Kamrath, and Jason Tolton.

The red flag would then come out on Lap 15 due to an incident on the frontstretch. As Watson and Taylor battled side-by-side, Watson’s right front tire was cut. This would cause him to go straight up into the turn four wall, taking Taylor with him. Taylor made contact with the wall, before the car got stuck up on its’ side, drive’s side down, sliding to a stop on the frontstretch. Thankfully, both drivers were uninjured in the incident.

Andy Kamrath got a good restart ahead of Crumbie, Dippel, Jason Tolton and Bridge. Meanwhile, Shaw pulled off the track done for the event.  Bridge looked to continue moving forward, challenging Jason Tolton for fourth on Lap 21. He was unable to complete the pass, allowing Sault to challenge him for fifth. Sault got the spot, challenging Tolton for fourth on Lap 25. Sault would move into fourth a lap later ahead of Dalla Riva and Tolton.

With 27 laps on the board, Andy Kamrath led Crumbie, Sault, Dalla Riva, and Tolton. Sault would then get alongside Crumbie for second on Lap 30, completing the pass a lap later as he brought Dalla Riva through with him. The race’s third caution would then come out on lap 38 for debris in turn two.

Kamrath got a good restart with Dalla Riva moving up into second ahead of Sault and Crumbie, as Jason Tolton and Bridge battled for fifth ahead of Sharpe. Bridge would get the spot, challenging Crumbie for fourth on Lap 41, with Sault alongside Dalla Riva for second a lap later.

Sault took back the second spot on Lap 44 ahead of Dalla Riva and Bridge, as Schwartzenburg headed off the track with a blown motor. Though before pulling off, he laid down fluid through turns three and four. Dalla Riva would spin around as a result, with Crumbie going straight into the turn four wall, collecting Sharpe, Istead, and Steckly in the process. Thankfully, all drivers were once again okay.

After taking out the involved cars, Kamrath lined up as the leader on the restart with six laps to go ahead of Sault, Bridge, Tolton, and Thorne. Kamrath would miss a shift on the restart, allowing Sault to grab the lead, with Bridge alongside Jason Tolton for third.

Andy Kamrath would re-group and get back alongside Karl Sault for lead on Lap 47, out-battling him to the checkered flag for the victory. Kevin Bridge finished third, followed by Wayde Thorne and Jake Watson. Jason Tolton finished sixth, followed by Cory Young, Erik Dalla Riva, Issac Dippel, and Kyle Steckly.

Kyle Istead finished 11th, followed by Bobby Tolton, Paul Boyd, Gillian Hils, Dave Silverthorne Jr., Craig Kamrath, Kyle Da Silva, Tristan Da Silva, Melissa Bullen, and Leo Labarbera. Dylan Sharpe finished 21st, followed by Brandon Crumbie, Billy Schwartzenburg, Kaitlyn Wallace, Andrea Parsons, Jonathan Aryton, Matt Young, Samantha Shaw, Shawn Taylor, and Tyler Lewis.

With Karl Sault and Andy Kamrath both finishing first and second in the pair of features – simply trading spots between them, it’d be Karl Sault getting the overall victory due to winning the tie-breaker by winning the first feature. Jake Watson got third overall, followed by Kevin Bridge, Kyle Steckly, Jason Tolton, Wayde Thorne, Cory Young, Dylan Sharpe, and Craig Kamrath.

Paul Boyd finished 11th, followed by Issac Dippel, Bobby Tolton, Shawn Taylor, Billy Schwartzenburg, Dave Silverthorne Jr., Kyle Istead, Erik Dalla Riva, Brandon Crumbie, and Gillian Hils. Kyle DaSilva finished 21st, followed by Kaitlyn Wallace, Samantha Shaw, Melissa Bullen, Tristan DaSilva, Jonathan Ayrton, Andrea Parsons, Leo Labarbera, Matt Young, Tyler Lewis, and Kris Lawrence.

McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stocks

Despite losing his door panel during the second feature, Kris Lawrence survived the chaos that happened during Frostoberfest at Flamboro Speedway to score the McClurkin Properties Cambridge Pure Stock overall victory.

The day started off with time trials, with Nic Ramsay posting the quickest lap at 18.949 seconds. However, post-qualifying, his time would be disqualified – as well as the time posted by third-quickest David Rockwood.

As a result, Kris Lawrence got the pole for the first feature with a lap of 19.000 seconds ahead of Andy Wheller, Craig Cole, Phil Givens, Bobby Mercer, Kyle Lucas, Mark Thorne, Ed Paterson, Mark Dennis, and Dale Lucas. Leo Labarbera qualified 11th, followed by Fabio Oliveri, Scott Brooks, Jeff Kells, Courtney Scott, and Jimmy Hooper.

Kris Lawrence would grab the early advantage ahead of Wheller, Mercer, Givens, and Thorne. Givens’ strong early run hit a snag when he slowed with a problem on Lap 8 off of turn two, which allowed Thorne to move up to fourth ahead of Labarbera. Labarbera and Dennis would take Thorne three-wide for fourth on Lap 10, but there’d be no changes in the position.

Kris Lawrence scored the victory ahead of Andy Wheller, Bobby Mercer, Mark Thorne, Mark Dennis. Fabio Olivieri, Ed Peterson, Dale Lucas, and Kyle Lucas. Phil Givens finished 11th, followed by Rob Hoskins, Scott Brooks, Courtney Scott, Jimmy Hooper, and Peter Inglis.

In the second feature, Jeff Kells broke out to the early lead ahead of Phil Givens, Dale Lucas, Leo Labarbera, and Fabio Olivieri. Givens would take over the top spot on Lap 4, bringing Labarbera, Dale Lucas through with him to bump Kells back to fourth ahead of Oliveri. Meanwhile, Jordan Morris headed to the pits.

At the front of the field, Labarbera would get alongside Givens for the lead on Lap 9, taking over the top spot. Givens tried to do the crossover a lap later, but was unable to make it stick as he dropped back to second. Dale Lucas ran third, followed by Kells, Wheller and Olivieri.

The battle for fourth got interesting on Lap 14, with Wheller and Lawrence taking Kells three-wide. It would not go well, with contact happening as Kells hooked Wheller, turning Wheller with him ripping the door panel off of Lawrence’s car before spinning around. With six laps to go, Labarbera led Givens, Lucas, Lawrence, Olivieri, Craig Cole, and Bobby Mercer.

The restart would see Olivieri get off to a slow start, with both him and Courtney Scott pulling off. Meanwhile, Labarbera held onto the lead ahead of Givens, Lawrence, Cole, Lucas, and Mercer. Cole would challenge Lawrence for third, but was unable to complete the pass.

Leo Labarbera picked up the win ahead of Phil Givens, Kris Lawrence, Craig Cole, Dale Lucas, Bobby Mercer, Mark Dennis, Andy Wheller, Kyle Lucas, and Mark Thorne. Ed Peterson finished 11th, followed by Scott Brooks, Jimmy Hooper, Peter Inglis, Fabio Oliveri, Courtney Scott, Jeff Kells, and Jordan Morris.

Kris Lawrence would get the overall victory ahead of Leo Labarbera, Bobby Mercer, Andy Wheller, and Mark Dennis. Phil Givens finished sixth, followed by Mark Thorne, Dale Lucas, Kyle Lucas, and Ed Peterson. Craig Cole finished 11th, followed by Fabio Olivieri, Scott Brooks, Jimmy Hooper, Jeff Kells, Courtney Scott, Peter Inglis, Rob Hoskins, Jordan Morris, and Cody Wilds.

Pro 4 Modifieds

With a pair of solid runs, Dan Pettit would cap off his championship campaign with the overall Frostoberfest Pro 4 Modified victory.

Cliff Hodgkinson grabbed the early lead in the first feature, and led the rest of the way en route to the victory ahead of Dan Pettit, Mark Lucas, and Brian Nanticoke. Mike Westwood finished fifth after running in the top-three until motor issues in the late stages. David Owen and Nick Abballe rounded out the field.

Starting fourth in the second feature, Dan Pettit quickly found his way to the lead on Lap 2, leading the rest of the way en route to winning. Mark Lucas made the mid-race move to finish second, followed by Cliff Hodgkinson. Brian Nanticoke, Nick Abballe, and David Owen.

The overall would see Dan Pettit picked up the win ahead of Cliff Hodgkinson, Mark Lucas, Brian Nanticoke, Nick Abballe, David Owen, and Mike Westwood. Problems during practice would see Dave Hodgkinson and Shannon Morris not take the green flag in either feature.

Outlaw Midgets

Jessica James kept her winning ways going on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway, scoring a dominating victory in the Outlaw Midget feature.

The first heat started off with a caution on Lap 3 as a result of Rob Harrison making contact with the backstretch wall. Rob McCall picked up the checkered flag ahead of Dave Bradley, Mike Bradley, Steve Lassman, Nigel Buttivant, Kevin Spiez, and Mikey Homewood.

Jessica James won the second heat ahead of Robin McLean, Wayne McKibbon, Josh Inglis, Ryan Brown, Tyler Segan, Zack Millman, and Larry Lawson. Unfortunately, Jody Bound’s race ended early with contact with the backstretch wall.

Rob McCall went for the daily double ahead of Mike Bradley, Spiez, Dave Bradley, Nigel Buttivant, Mikey Homewood, Darion Buttivant, Tyo, and Lassman.

Jessica James went for the daily double ahead of McLean, Bound, Brown, Inglis, McKibbon, Millman, Tyler Segan, and Lawson.

Come feature time, Jody Bound took the early lead ahead of Josh Inglis and Ryan Brown, with Jessica James alongside Brown for third on Lap 2. James made quick work, moving up into second on Lap 3 ahead of Inglis and Brown, with both Wayne McKibbon and Mike Bradley around Brown the next lap.

Bradley would get alongside McKibbon for fourth on Lap 5, completing the pass and challenging Inglis for third a lap later. Behind them, Robin McLean was able to get alongside McKibbon for fifth.

Jessica James would take over the top spot on Lap 8 ahead of Bound, Bradley, McLean, Inglis, McKibbon and Brown. The caution would then come out on Lap 11 for Nigel Buttivant spinning off of turn four after losing a wheel.

James got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Bound, Bradley, McLean, and Inglis, as Zack Millman pulled off the track done. McLean continued moving forward, passing Bradley for third on Lap 14, as Inglis continued to run fifth ahead of Joey Segan and Brown. Tyler Segan’s strong run came to an end when he got loose off of turn two on Lap 16, spinning around. He’d get it back going without a yellow flag.

Jessica James led the rest of the way easily en route to scoring the victory. Robin McLean would make the pass with four laps to go through lap traffic to take second ahead of Jody Bound. Mike Bradley and Josh Inglis rounded out the top-five, ahead of Wayne McKibbon, Joey Segan, Ryan Brown, Darion Buttivant, and Tyler Segan.

Steve Lassman finished 11th, followed by Dave Bradley, Rob Harrison, Kevin Spiez, Mikey Homewood, and Larry Lawson. Wally Wilson, Zack Millman, Nigel Buttivant, Adam Tyo, and Rob McCall all failed to finish.

Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for filming the feature videos. Be sure to like her channel on YouTube at

Thanks to Derek Smith and Peter Anderson for all of the images from Saturday night. You can view more of Smith’s photos on his website at

There still remains one night left on the schedule, as the Halloween Enduro 250 will take place on Saturday, October 19, with $5000 up for grabs for the winner. Pit gate open at 10am, followed by the grandstands opening at 2pm. Racing will get underway at 3pm.

Admission prices, along with the full schedule for Flamboro Speedway this season can be found on the track’s website at Be sure to keep up with the latest by following the speedway on Twitter at and Instagram at

By: Ashley McCubbin


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