Last Lap Drama Highlights APC Series Night at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- The fans in attendance on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway were treated to lots of action throughout the event, including a dramatic last lap to the APC Auto Parts United Late Models of Ontario series Interstate Batteries 100.

The event would start off with the time trials for the 100-lap feature, with Treyten Lapcevich setting quick time with a lap of 15.043 seconds. J.R. Fitzpatrick was second quickest, followed by Jordan Sims, Matt Pritiko, Josh Stade, Andy Kamrath, Billy Schwartzenburg, Jake Sheridan, Dale Shaw, and Shae Gemmell.

The invert, though, would give the pole to Andy Kamrath alongside Jake Sheridan, followed by Josh Stade, Matt Pritiko, Shae Gemmell, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Treyten Lapcevich, Dale Shaw, Billy Schwartzenburg, Jordan Sims, Jordan Lawrence, Blair Wickett, Danny Benedict, Brandon Verhoeven, Jason Parker, Jr Farrelly, Gord Shepherd, Tim Norris, Jordan Howse, Hudson Nagy, Jamie Cox, Andrew Gressel, Tom Gibbons, Patrick Freel, Shawn McGlynn, Rob Di Venanzo, and Paighton Jacobs.

The 100-lap feature did not start off smoothly as contact off the start between Kamrath and Sheridan would result in Kamrath going for a slide through the grass. Sheridan would get to keep his spot at the front of the field, pacing the early laps ahead of Stade, Pritiko, Fitzpatrick, and Shaw. He continued to hold serve as Fitzpatrick began to make his way forward, running second as of Lap 25 ahead of Stade, Pritiko, and Gemmell.

Fitzpatrick would continue his climb, taking the lead just before the second on Lap 33, as McGlynn went around, followed by Norris and Cox spinning as they checked up. Under yellow, Sheridan would stall, requiring a push to the pits and losing his track position.

The restart would not go smoothly, with Gemmell spinning off of turn two following contact with Pritiko. The cautions continued as four laps later, Benedict made contact with Parker, causing him to get into the wall, with Howse climbing over Parker. With 37 laps on the board, Fitzpatrick was scored the leader ahead of Lapcevich, Pritiko, Stade, Schwartzenburg, Wickett, Lawrence, Shepherd, and Shaw.

Benedict’s night would continue to get worse, as he’d make contact with Kamrath on Lap 38, with Shepherd spinning as he tried to check up. The restart produced the sixth caution in an incident involving Sims, Norris, Jacobs, and Freel. It seemed that caution fever was the topic of the night, as the seventh caution was displayed at Lap 43 after Kamrath made contact with Gemmell.

The restart would see a battle for the lead between Pritiko, Fitzpatrick and Lapcevich, with Pritiko grabbing the advantage ahead of them. Lapcevich would move into second ahead of Fitzpatrick, with the trio being brought right back together when Gemmell got into Farrelly for the eighth caution.

Fitzpatrick would go for broke on the restart, getting by both Pritiko and Lapcevich in turn one. Lapcevich and Pritiko both would make contact in the process, causing them both to fall back. This would allow Schwartzenburg to move up into second ahead of Pritiko and Lawrence. The race would get into a green flag stretch through the later half, but it wouldn’t end that way with the ninth yellow coming out with 10 laps to go for Shepherd spinning across the front stretch, collecting Wickett.

There would be two more cautions through the final 10 laps, with Gressel going for a loop at Lap 90, followed by Verhoeven making significant contact with the turn one wall on Lap 97.

The restart would see an intense battle for the lead, with Matt Pritiko spinning J.R. Fitzpatrick through turns three and four for the top spot.

Matt Pritiko got the win, followed by Billy Schwartzenburg, Josh Stade, Shae Gemmell, and Jordan Lawrence. Danny Benedict finished sixth, followed by Tom Gibbons, Hudson Nagy, Treyten Lapcevich, and Gord Shepherd. Andrew Gressel finished 11th, followed by Blair Wickett, Junior Farrelly, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Patrick Freel, Andy Kamrath, Dale Shaw, Jake Sheridan, and Paighton Jacobs.

The 11 cautions throughout the 100 lap feature would result in several drivers not finishing, including Branden Verhoeven, Jordan Sims, Tim Norris, Jordan Howse, Jason Parker, Jamie Cox, Shawn McGlynn, and Rob Di Venanzo. Darrell Lake failed to take the green flag following an issue in practice.

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After scoring his first victory of the season a couple weeks, Erik Dalla Riva proved it wasn’t a fluke by picking up another win on Saturday night in the first feature. Shawn Taylor finished second, followed by Dylan Sharpe, Will Gibbons, and Jake Watson. Karl Sault finished sixth, followed by Kyle Istead, Kaitlyn Wallace, Tyler Lewis, and Kevin Bridge.