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Whittam, Marshall, Mercer, and Bourgeois Secure Championships at Flamboro Speedway

MILLGROVE, Ontario ---- With a pair of visiting classes and four champions to be crowned on Saturday, it was an exciting night of action at Flamboro Speedway!

Can-Am Midgets

David Miller won the first heat for the T.Q. Can-Am Midgets in front of Cory Whittam, Jr Farrelly, Craig Pitchell, Paul Jorgensen, Robert Pollillo, and Bob Bailey.

Daniel Hawn was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Andrew Whelan, Jaden Riddell, James Stanley, Jeff Blackburn, Paul Smith, and Paul Harrison.

Cory Whittam started up front for the feature, moving into the runner-up spot on Lap 4. He would then track down the lead, taking the top spot on Lap 8. He then led the rest of the way in the 25-lap feature en route to taking home the checkered flag, and the 2022 T.Q. Can-Am Midget Championship. David Miller was second on-track, followed by Jaden Riddell, Daniel Hawn, and Andrew Whelan.

Craig Pitchell placed sixth, in front of James Stanley, Jr Farrelly, Paul Jorgensen, and Paul Smith. Robert Pollillo was 11th ahead of Bob Bailey, while Mike Coleman did not take the green flag. Jeff Blackburn was scored at the back after being disqualified.

Canadian Legend Car

Adam Cuthbertson won the first Canadian Legend Car Series heat, followed by Jordan Latimer, Joe Adams, Glenn Morris, Jeff McKibbon, Joe Russ, Jennifer Hatch, and Pete Trotechaud.

Cole McFadden was victorious in the second qualifier, in front of Zachary Latimer, Nick Portt, Jaden Chapman, Hudson Nagy, Hailey McNicol, Dan Russ, and Kenny McNicol Jr.

Wesley Cuthbertson picked up the checkered flag in the third heat, ahead of Paul Perik, Steve Gargau, Mike Hryniak, Cody Wilds, Lonnie Scott, and Zach Hatch.

Jordan Latimer won the fourth heat, followed by Adam Cuthbertson, Joe Adams, Glenn Morris, Jeff McKibbon, Joe Russ, Pete Trotechaud, and Jennifer Hatch.

Kenny McNicol Jr. was victorious in the fifth heat, in front of Hudson Nagy, Nick Portt, Jaden Chapman, Cole McFadden, Hailey McNicol, Dan Russ, and Zach Latimer.

Wesley Cuthbertson went for the daily double, ahead of Cody Wilds, Steve Gargau, Paul Perik, Lonnie Scott, Mike Hryniak, and Zach Hatch.

Hudson Nagy would start partway back in the field, but wasted no time in moving forward to crack the top-five with just three laps on the board. He continued to move forward, battling for the top spot at the halfway mark of the feature. Nagy took the lead on Lap 19, and then led the final six laps en route to picking up the checkered flag.

Cole McFadden was second in his first appearance on the tour of 2022 after crashing out pre-season, followed by Kenny McNicol Jr., Jordan Latimer, and Wesley Cuthbertson. Joe Adams was sixth in front of Jaden Chapman, Nick Portt, Steve Gargau, and Zach Latimer. Glenn Morris finished 11th, ahead of Paul Perik, Mike Hryniak, Hailey McNicol, Zach Hatch, Lonnie Scott, Adam Cuthbertson, Jeff McKibbon, Joe Russ, and Dan Russ.

Pete Trotechaud placed 21st, followed by Jennifer Hatch, Cody Wilds, Adam Cuthbertson, Pete Trotechaud, and Cody Wilds.

Vintage Modifieds

Starting mid-pack for the Canadian Vintage Modified first feature, TJ Marshall worked his way forward, taking the lead with seven laps to go to pace the field all the way to the checkered flag. Quintin Murdoch finished second, in front of Scott Tonelli, Daryl Henwood, and Ricky Willigar. Rodney Rutherford was sixth, ahead of Rob Twitchett and Jae Pepin, with Steve Murdoch failing to finish.

The second 25-lap affair belonged to Rodney Rutherford all the way through, as he led all the laps en route to scoring the victory. TJ Marshall finished second to be crowned the 2022 Canadian Vintage Modifieds Champion. Daryl Henwood was third, with Quintin Murdoch and Scott Tonelli rounding out the top-five. Ricky Willigar was sixth, in front of Rob Twitchett, while Jae Pepin and Steve Murdoch did not finish.

Mini Stocks

Bobby Mercer led flag-to-flag en route to winning the first Mini Stock feature, also allowing him to be crowned the 2022 Mini Stock Champion. Kaitlyn Wallace with another impressive run in second, ahead of Mike Thomson, Matt Young, and Kyle Istead. Mike Hooper was sixth, followed by Coltin Everingham, Dave Dippel, Cole Burrows, and Dave Goodacre. Nikki King placed 11th, in front of Fabion Olivieri and Andrew Smith.

Mike Thomson put an exclamation point on his year, taking the lead on Lap 5 to pace the field the rest of the way to win the second Mini Stock feature. Kyle Istead was second, ahead of Bobby Mercer, Mike Hooper, and Kaitlyn Wallace. Dave Dippel placed sixth, followed by Cole Burrows, Fabion Olivieri, and Andrew Smith. Dave Goodacre, Matt Young and Nikki King failed to finish, while Coltin Everingham did not take the green flag.

Pure Stocks

Kyle Lucas found his way to the front of the field in the first Pure Stock feature, pacing the field for the opening nine laps. Although he lost the lead for a bit, he was able to retake the top spot with four laps to go and pace the field the rest of the way to the checkered flag. Leo Labarbera finished second, in front of Reece Bourgeois, Spencer Riddell, and Rick Mitchell.

Cameron Thomson put away the flags to battle to a sixth, ahead of Courtney Scott, Rick Van Kleef, Alex Stewart, and Chance Rogers. Daphne Sullivan was 11th, followed by Jordan Willims, Mark Allan, Craig Cole, Caroline Kelly, Moses Ruiz, and Jimmy Hooper. Matt Young did not take the green flag.

The invert saw Kyle Lucas start deep in the field, but he did not let him deter himself from the goal at hand. He worked his way forward to take over the runner-up spot with just 10 laps on the board, taking the lead with six laps to go to capture the daily double. Alex Stewart finished second, in front of Rick Mitchell, Spencer Riddell, and Chance Rogers.

Several drivers failed to finish as a result of series of incidents including Cameron Thomson, Leo Labarbera, Reece Bourgeois, Moses Ruiz, Courtney Scott, Daphne Sullivan, Jordan Willms, and Rick Van Kleef. Jimmy Hooper, Mark Allan, Craig Cole, Caroline Kelly, and Matt Young failed to finish.

T.Q. Can-Am Midget Feature -

Canadian Vintage Modified Second Feature -

Mini Stock Second Feature -

Thanks to Derek Smith (, Peter Anderson (, and for their images of the racing action each week.

Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for filming each week. Be sure to check out her videos at

The next event at Flamboro Speedway is Frostoberfest, scheduled for Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2. Both days feature a different set of divisions battling for glory. The Saturday show will feature Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC OSCAAR Modifeds presented by Just Foam It, Qwick Wick OSCAAR Hot Rods, Mini Stocks, Canadian Legend Car Series, Ontario Pro Sprints, Junior Late Models, and Mini Trucks. The Sunday show will feature the Pro Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, and Outlaw Midgets presented by Canadian Tire Innisfil.

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Race Report By: Ashley McCubbin

Photo Courtesy of: Carrie Garmon

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