MILLGROVE, Ontario --- This past Saturday afternoon, the stars of the Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, and Pure Stocks gathered together, socially distanced of course, to put on a show. In the end, it was some of the division’s strongest drivers gracing victory lane with Ken Grubb, Karl Sault, and Kris Khan holding the checkered flag.

Super Stocks

Gerrit Tiemersma laid down the quickest time in qualifying with a lap of 16.546 seconds ahead of Jordan Latimer (16.551), Ken Grubb (16.631), Ethan Constable (16.657), and Jake Zevenbergen (16.662). Rick Verberne qualified sixth, followed by Andrew Ferreira, Cory McAllister, Coltin Everingham, and Marvin Freiburger.

Brad Collison was 11th, followed by Roy Wilkie, Steve Cashmore, Dennis Cybalski, Paul Boundy, Paul Pepper, Tim Burke, Tyler Bouillon, Bill Brekelmans, and Rob Richards. Matt Young and Victor Vowles rounded out the field.

The invert would be six, putting Verberne and Zevenbergen on the front row. Verberne took full advantage of his starting spot, grabbing the early lead ahead of Constable, Grubb, Zevenbergen, Tiemersma, and Ferreira, while Vowles pulled into the infield on Lap 9 with overheating issues.

Grubb continued his climb forward, getting alongside Constable for second at Lap 11, with Tiemersma alongside Zevenbergen a lap later for fourth. Grubb moved into second on Lap 13 ahead of Constable, Tiemersma, and Zevenbergen.

Grubb would track down Verberne for the lead, getting alongside him for the top spot on Lap 17, taking the top spot a lap later. Constable continued to run third ahead of Tiemersma and Zevenbergen.

The race appeared to have a green flag appearance as the laps continued to count down, but that wouldn’t be the case. The first caution came out on Lap 28 for Latimer slowing with a mechanical issue. Boundy then pulled into the infield with overheating issues under the yellow flag.

Grubb got a good restart, holding off the challenge from Verberne, while McAllister would slow and pull into the infield with a mechanical issue. The race would also head back under the yellow flag, with Collison going around heading into turn one on Lap 31 courtesy of contact from Wilkie.

Despite a little bump from Verberne middle of the corner, Grubb was able to hold off the challenge once again for the lead, with Constable remaining third ahead of Zevenbergen and Tiemersma. Gallant would head pit side with motor problems on Lap 35, with Cybalski getting sideways through turns one and two – but managing to save it a lap later.

Tiemersma would get alongside Zevenbergen for fourth on Lap 37, getting the spot and bringing Pepper through with him a lap later. However, the caution would come out once again as a result of an incident in turns three and four involving Collison, Cybalski, Burke, and Bouillon.

Another bump from Verberne, and another good restart for Grubb as he held off the challenge again with Constable in third. Zevenbergen and Tiemersma resumed their battle for fourth, with Zevenbergen getting the spot on Lap 41, bringing Wilkie, Everingham, and Pepper through with him. Ferriera’s strong run came to an end on Lap 43 with him going around in turns three and four, with the caution coming out two laps later due to him stalled at the bottom of the track.

Ken Grubb got a good restart, holding off another challenge to score the victory, followed by Rick Verberne, Ethan Constable, Roy Wilkie, and Paul Pepper. Coltin Everingham finished sixth, followed by Steve Cashmore, Marvin Freiburger, Gerrit Tiemersma, Jake Zevenbergen.

Brad Collison was 11th, followed by Rob Richards, Matt Young, Bill Brekelmans, Andrew Ferreira, Dennis Cybalski, Tim Burke, Tyler Bouillon, Kevin Gallant, Cory McAllister, Paul Boundy, Jordan Latimer, and Victor Vowles. Nick Tooley would fail to take the green flag.

Mini Stocks

Kyle Steckly would set the quickest time with a lap of 17.727 seconds in qualifying ahead of Andy Kamrath (17.838), Will Gibbons (17.853), Brian Wilson (17.864), and Nolan Gould (18.098). Tommy Robb qualified sixth, followed by Wayde Thorne, Karl Sault, Shawn Taylor, and Chris Pendlebury. Craig Kamratth was 11th, followed by Mike Brown, Ryan D’Antimo, Kyle Istead, Chandler Bos, Tyler Lewis, Dale Millard, Jason D’Antimo, Matt Clarke, and Brad Lavalle. Connor Maltese, Rob Harrison, Stan Cook, and Peter Wakeling rounded out the field.

The invert would be 10, putting Craig Kamrath and Pendlebury on the front row. Pendlebury grabbed the early lead on Lap 3 ahead of Kamrath, with Sault up to third. Unfortunately, Harrison’s race came to an end two laps later as he ran into mechanical problems.

Meanwhile, Sault’s quick ascend through the field would see him leading by Lap 6 ahead of Steckly, Gibbons, Andy Kamrath, and Pendlebury, as Wilson ran into problems. Steckly got alongside Gibbons for second a couple laps later, taking the spot, with Kamrath remaining fourth ahead of Pendlebury.

Steckly would find his way to the lead, taking the top spot on Lap 11, with Sault and Gibbons side-by-side for second ahead of Andy Kamrath and Pendlebury as Istead ran into problems. Sault held off the challenge, remaining in second ahead of Gibbons, Kamrath, and Pendlebury.

The mechanical gremlins really would bite a lot of drivers through the second half of the event, as Steckly pulled off the track out of the lead on Lap 19 with overheating issues. Gould headed to the infield shortly thereafter, with Watson going pit side in the final 10 laps.

At the front of the field, it was Karl Sault the rest of the way en route to the checkered flag. Will Gibbons was all over his bumper through the final five laps, but was unable to find a way by en route to finishing second. Andy Kamrath was third, followed by  Chris Pendlebury, and Tommy Robb. Craig Kamrath finished sixth, followed by Mike Brown, Shawn Taylor, Chandler Bos, and Jason D’Antimo.

Dale Millard was 11th, followed by Brad Lavalle, Tyler Lewis, Connor Maltese, Stan Cook, Matt Clarke, Peter Wakeling, Nolan Gould, Jake Watson, and Kyle Steckly. Ryan D’Antimo finished 21st, followed by Kyle Istead, Wayde Thorne, Brian Wilson, and Rob Harrison.

Pure Stocks

Kyle Neumeister laid down the quickest lap in time trials at 19.446 for the pole, followed by Don Yorke (19.45), Andy Wheller (19.507), Nic Ramsay (19.577), and Gillian Hils (19.62). Kris Khan qualified sixth, followed by David Rockwood, Jordan Lawrence, Bobby Mercer, and Stephen Finnegan. Kris Lawrence was 11th, followed by Steve Arrand, Phil Givens, Kyle Novis, Kyle Lucas, Jordan Morris, Leo Labarbera, Courtney Scott, John Lavalle, and Russ Couture. Brandon Steele qualified 21st, followed by Doug Wilman, Zach Harrison, Connor Parkes, Jimmy Hooper, Brian Gamble, Andrew Shilling, Karlie Wilman, and Austyn Jennett.

Following qualifying, a couple cars ran into issues with Lawrence, Lucas, Wilman, Steve DeLeeuw, and Scott all starting scratch on the field.

The invert would be eight, putting Jordan Lawrence and Arrand on the front row. Arrand jumped out to the early lead, with Khan alongside Lawrence for second. Meanwhile, Ramsay slowed with an issue on the third lap. Khan took over second on Lap 5 ahead of Rockwood, Neumeister, and Hils.

The shuffling up front would happen quickly, with Rockwood out front in control ahead of his teammate Wheller on Lap 8, with Khan and Neumeister side-by-side for third. Neumeister took the spot a lap later ahead of Khan and Hils.

Neumeister continued to move forward, passing Wheller for second on Lap 17, bringing Khan, Hils, Givens, and Finnegan through with him as Wheller slowed with an issue, heading pit side. Neumeister would challenge Rockwood for the top spot two laps later, but was unable to clear him for the pass.

The pair would get back side-by-side for the top spot once again on Lap 24, but the caution would come out due to Scott losing a wheel off of turn four.  The return to green flag action would be short lived with the second caution on Lap 27 for Finnegan losing a wheel.

Neumeister got away on the restart, allowing Khan to get alongside Rockwood for second ahead of Hils, Givens, and Mercer. Khan got the spot on Lap 29, with Hils following suit to take third. The caution came back out, though, this time on Lap 31 for Couture stalling.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Neumeister and Khan, with Neumeister holding serve once again. Neumeister then led the final nine laps en route to crossing the checkered in first.

Following the event in post-race technical inspection, though, Kyle Neumeister was disqualified for the win under a technical infraction. As a result, Kris Khan would be scored as your race winner ahead of Gillian Hils, David Rockwood, Phil Givens, and Jordan Lawrence.

Kris Lawrence was credited with sixth, followed by Kyle Novis, Leo Labarbera, Kyle Lucas, and Steve Arrand. Andrew Shilling finished 11th, followed by Connor Parkes, Zach Harrison, John Lavalle, Bobby Mercer, Don Yorke, Jimmy Hooper, Steve DeLeeuw, Jordan Morris, and Karlie Wilman.

Russ Couture was 21st, followed by Stephen Finnegan, Courtney Scott, Andy Wheller, Brian Gamble, and Nic Ramsay. Doug Wilman, Austyn Jennett, and Brnadon Steele failed to take the green flag due to issues in qualifying.

For fans who missed the event, you can watch the entire broadcast replay on GForceTV’s YouTube channel at

Flamboro Speedway is already in the process of putting together the details for the next event, which is scheduled for July 25. The Canadian Vintage Modifieds, Mini Stocks, and Pure Stocks will return to action, joined by the T.Q. Can-Am Midgets. Once again, spectators are not permitted under the current government guidelines. Additional details will be released as we near closer to the event.

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By: Ashley McCubbin

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- After a successful first round of Operation Green Flag, it’s just mere days now until the second round takes place at Flamboro Speedway. The July 4 event will feature the Pure Stocks and Mini Stocks for 40 laps, with the Super Stocks running 50 laps.

With the current government restrictions, no spectators or children are allowed to be in attendance for the event. However, Flamboro Speedway has partnered with GForceTV to broadcast the event. Fans are encouraged to log on for the service free on their website at to take in the action, as well as other racing.

The races will take place at 4:05 pm ET, streamed live on the service, with the broadcast beginning at 4pm ET.

With registration complete and the field set, here is a preview of what to expect this weekend.

Andrew Shilling had signs of speed in his rookie campaign at Sunset Speedway, scoring six top-10 finishes. This will mark his first trip to Flamboro, though.

Andy Wheller is a veteran of the sport, and somebody you can never count out when it comes to Pure Stocks at Flamboro. He scored a fourth-place overall finish at Frostoberfest last year to go along with seven top-five results in the regular season.

Austyn Jennett showed speed through his rookie campaign at Sunset Speedway, scoring five top-10 finishes as he gets set for his first trip to Flamboro.

Bobby Mercer is no stranger to Flamboro, having made several laps there across the track’s divisions. His experience shined through last season with a third-place overall finish at Frostoberfest to go along with three wins and 30 top-five’s across the regular season.

Brian Gamble continues to steadily gain experience each time he hits the track, as evident with five top-10 finishes last season in regular competition.

Connor Parkes may be a new face for Flamboro fans, but he could easily factor into the equation after experiencing lots of success at Peterborough, including an Autumn Colours Classic win under his belt.

Courtney Scott has experienced success at Flamboro, as she scored a feature victory last season along with four top-five’s in regular competition.

David Rockwood was able to be successful at Flamboro last season, scoring five feature victories. He also proved that he can get it done in the biggest fields, shining through with speed in both Sunset Speedway’s Fall Velocity and Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic.

Although Doug Wilman is not a regular Pure Stock competitor, he has spent the past seasons behind the wheel of a Mini Stock at Sunset Speedway. Despite running a shortened schedule last year, he was able to score a top-10 finish.

Gillian Hils shined through as the top lady in the Pure Stocks last year at Flamboro, scoring five feature victories across the season.

Jimmy Hooper continued to gain experience through his rookie campaign last season at Flamboro, scoring three top-five finishes.  

John Lavalle will hope to shake things up this weekend, hoping to prove the Peterborough Speedway regulars can mix it up right there with the best of Flamboro.

Karlie Wilman continued to improve through her rookie campaign at Sunset Speedway last year, scoring seven top-10 finishes as she gets set for her first trip to Flamboro.

Kris Khan proved to have the quickest car at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colours Classic last season, and should easily be a factor for the win this weekend.

Kris Lawrence knows what it takes to win at Flamboro, as he was the overall winner of Frostoberfest last year, despite some contact resulting in the door coming off his car during the second feature. He’ll be hoping to hold the checkered flag once again on Saturday, just like he did in the first 20-lap affair in October.

Kyle Lucas may not have the experience of his competitors, but he’s no stranger to success at Flamboro. He scored a ninth-place overall finish at Frostoberfest last year, combined with four wins and 11 top-five’s in the regular competition.

Kyle Neumeister has proven to be fast at Flamboro Speedway before, having hoisted the checkered flag there on a couple of occasions. The 2019 Autumn Colours Classic Champion scored a pair of top-10’s in regular competition last year.

Leo Labarbera put together the dream campaign in 2019 en route to winning the track championship with six wins and 31 top-five finishes, with just one result outside of the top-eight. He also proved that he can get it done when the big names show up, too, scoring the victory in the second Frostoberfest feature to finish second overall.

Any big race across the province always sees Phil Givens factor into the equation, as he is fast no matter what speedway he attends. This shined through with a sixth-place finish at Frostoberfest last year, along with a victory on August 31 in regular competition.

Russ Couture has been building his racing experience the past couple years, with experience in both the Living Lighting OSCAAR Pro Sprints and Pure Stocks.

Steve DeLeeuw will hope to have a solid run after scoring just one top-10 finish last season at Flamboro.

After experiencing success in go-karts, Zach Harrison is ready for the next chapter of his racing career, as this event will mark his debut behind the wheel of a Pure Stock. He was originally scheduled to be a regular at Sunset this season pre-pandemic.

A pair of regulars at Delaware Speedway, Don Yorke and Jo Lawrence should factor into the equation at Flamboro this Saturday. Lawrence also has experience at the Hamilton-based oval, competing in a Pro Late Model most recently there.

Other drivers pre-registered to compete include Stephen Charles, Brandon Steele, Steve Arrand, Nic Ramsay and Kyle Novis.

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By: Ashley McCubbin

MILLGROVE, Ontario --- The first 100 laps of the 2020 season are in the books at Flamboro Speedway, with D.J. Kennington and T.J. Marshall each taking a turn gracing victory lane.

Grisdale Pro Late Models

2019 Grisdale Triple Crown Champion was the quickest in time trials with a time of 15.054 seconds ahead of J.R. Fitzpatrick (15.086), Brandon Watson (15.141), Jake Sheridan (15.151), and D.J. Kennington (15.248). Treyten Lapcevich qualified sixth, followed by Shawn Chenoweth, Josh Stade, Jade Franklin, and Chad Corcoran.

Jake Gilbert qualified 11th, followed by Mat Box, Jaden Chapman, Rob Di Venanzo, Mike Westwood, Ryan Fraser, Shawn McGlynn, Kevin Albers, Wally Wilson, Blair Wickett, and Brett Rodwell.

There’d be a six-car invert, handing 2019 Frostoberest Super Stock Champion Treyten Lapcevich the pole, with Kennington to his outside. The NASCAR Pinty’s Series Champion was kick off the green, taking the lead ahead of Lapcevich with Sheridan slotting into third ahead of Fitzpatrick, as Watson and Gemmell battled for fifth.

Gemmell got the spot on Lap 5 ahead of Watson, with Stade, Chenoweth, Franklin, Corcoran, Box, Gilbert, and Westwood following suit. Meanwhile, Rodwell pulled into the infield a Lap 7, bringing out the caution a lap later due to be considered too close to the racing surface.

The restart brought close racing within the top-five, which ultimately caused trouble heading into turn three. Contact between Gemmell and Fitzpatrick resulted in Fitzpatrick sliding into the infield grass, while Gemmell went up the track, putting Watson into the outside wall. Both Gemmell and Watson were done for the day due to the damage.

The restart saw Kennington and Lapcevich battle for the lead ahead of Sheridan and Stade, as Franklin and Chenoweth raced for fifth. Lacevich was able to get the upperhand, getting the top spot on Lap 13 ahead of Kennington, Sheridan, Stade, and Chenoweth. Box had made his way up to sixth ahead of Franklin, Corcoran, Albers, Gilbert, Westwood, Chapman, Fitzpatrick, Di Venanzo, and McGlynn.

The shuffling continued, with both Corcoran and Box getting by Franklin over the course of the next two laps, with Gilbert and Fitzpatrick following suit on Lap 24. Fitzpatrick then got by Gilbert ninth a lap later, allowing Franklin to get back alongside Gilbert. Gilbert held off the challenge, though as Franklin fell back in line in 10th.

As the laps counted down, Kennington would get alongside Lapcevich for the lead with four laps to go in the first segment, taking the top spot a lap later following contact off of turn two that got the No. 32 into the outside wall. Sheridan challenge for second, but was unable to get by before the checkered-caution was displayed.

As of the halfway break at Lap 30, Kennington was scored the leader ahead of Lapcevich, Sheridan, Stade, Chenoweth, Box, Corcoran, Fitzpatrick, Albers, Gilbert, Franklin, Di Venanzo, Chapman, Westwood, McGlynn, Fraser, and Wilson.

Following the break, the battle for the lead resumed between Kennington and Lapcevich, once again with contact taking place along the way. Kennington would grab the lead through the process, with Stade up into third ahead of Box, Chenoweth, Albers, Sheridan, Gilbert, Fitzpatrick, Di Venanzo, and Franklin.

Stade would look to continue moving forward, getting alongside Lapcevich down the backstretch for second. As the pair raced closely together, the No. 17 would go sideways, sliding through the grass before coming to a stop heading into turn three. Due to being deemed off of the racing surface, there’d be no caution put out by officials.

Kennington would hold serve for the time being, with Lapcevich still in second ahead of Box, Chenoweth, Albers, Sheridan, Fitzpatrick, Gilbert, Di Venanzo, and Franklin. Sheridan then got into Albers, with Fitzpatrick getting into Sheridan thereafter on Lap 13. Everybody held it straight, but it’d allow Albers to take over sixth ahead of Fitzpatrick and Sheridan.

Closer to the front, Box was able to get alongside Lapcevich for second, taking the top spot on Lap 16, bringing Chenoweth through with him a lap later to bump Lapcevich back for fourth. The backwards slide continued for the No. 32, with Fitzpatrick, Albers, and Sheridan all finding their way by over the next two laps. Gilbert then passed Lapcevich for seventh on Lap 22, bringing Franklin, Di Venanzo and McGlynn through with him.

Fitzpatrick would then get alongside Chenoweth for third a couple laps later, but the caution came out on Lap 24 for Sheridan slowing with a problem. With six laps to go, Kennington led Box, Chenoweth, Fitzpatrick, Albers, Gilbert, Franklin, Di Venanzo, McGlynn, Lapcevich, Corcoran, and Westwood.

The first attempt at a restart would see the end of Ryan Fraser’s Pro Late Model debut as he’d go around in turn one, getting into the outside wall.

Kennington got away on the second attempt, leaving Chenoweth and Box to battle side-by-side for second. Box would get the spot coming to the white flag, giving Fitzpatrick the opportunity to challenge for third.

D.J. Kennington scored the victory ahead of Matt Box, Shawn Chenoweth, J.R. Fitzpatrick, and Kevin Albers. Jade Franklin finished sixth, followed by Chad Corcoran, Shawn McGlynn, Jake Gilbert, and Jake Sheridan. Treyten Lapcevich placed 11th, followed by Mike Westwood, Josh Stade, Wally Wilson, Ryan Fraser, Tyler Di Venanzo, Jaden Chapman, Shae Gemmell, Brandon Watson, Blair Wickett, and Brett Rodwell.

Canadian Vintage Modifieds

In time trials, it’d be Mike Podd posting the quickest time with a lap of 16.564 seconds, ahead of T.J. Marshall (16.689), Jeremy Barton (16.753), Daryl Henwood (16.758), and Ron Easton (16.761). Max Wright qualified sixth, followed by Jerrid Morphy, Steve Murdoch, John Karley, Jason Bowden, Dale Lucas, Mike Klotz, Rodney Rutherford, Bill Pearsall, Jeff Kells, Joe Arsenault, Rick Willgar, Chance Isherwood, Amanda Stoner, Michael Kenny, and Wayde Thorne. Notably, Marshall would lose his starting position as the team addressed engine issues following time trials after the cars were impounded.

There’d be a six-car invert, putting Max Wright on the pole, to which he took advantage leading early ahead of Daryl Henwood. Jerrid Morphy would challenge Henwood for second on Lap 2, taking the spot a lap later, with Ron Easton and John Karley following suit to bump Henwood back to fifth ahead of Podd.

Morphy would track down Wright for the lead, and looked to make his move, though made contact with the left rear of the No. 25 an sent him around for a spin for the yellow flag at Lap 6. With 24 laps left until the break, Morphy led Podd, Karley, Easton, Jeremy Barton, T.J. Marshall, Rodney Rutherford, Mike Klotz, Steve Murdoch, Jason Bowden, Bill Pearsall, and Jeff Kells.

Morphy got a good restart to keep the top spot ahead of Podd and Karley, with Marshall moving into fourth ahead of Barton, Klotz, Rutherford, Dale Lucas, and Murdoch.

However, the race’s second caution would come out on Lap 10 after Karley rode the turn one and two wall.

Podd was the man this time around, taking the top spot on the restart ahead of Morphy with Marshall up to third. The action got slowed again, though, with the third caution at Lap 12 after Isherwood spun Pearsall, with Kells and Rutherford getting tangled up together afterwards.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Podd and Marshall, which once again did not go according to plan. Contact at Lap 15 would see Podd go around for the spin, and the fourth caution of the event.

Marshall got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to the halfway break ahead of Morphy, Klotz, Barton, Wright, Podd, Bowden, Pearsall, Murdoch, Rutherford, Rick Willigar, Lucas, and Henwood.

Following the break, things got back underway with Michael Kenny heading to the pits shortly after the green flag. At the front, Marshall continued to hold serve ahead of Morphy, Klotz, Barton, Wright, and Bowden. Wright continued his climb back forward, passing Barton for fourth on Lap 24.

Behind them, Podd ran seventh until he ran into overheating issues, sending him pit side. The caution then flew a lap later at Lap 27 for Bowden going around. With 13 laps to go, Marshall led Morphy, Klotz, Wright, Barton, Rutherford, Easton, Pearsall, and Lucas.

It’d be clean and green at the front, but the action did not last long as the sixth caution came out due to Easton spinning. Klotz, meanwhile, ran into mechanical issues at the same time.

The second attempt to restart the event went smoother, with Marshall holding serve ahead of Morphy, Wright, Barton, Rutherford, Lucas, Pearsall, Bowden, Murdoch, Easton, Wiligar, Isherwood, and Henwood.

Following their earlier contact, Wright would issue a slight bump and run to Morphy as he got by him for second on Lap 33, which enabled Barton to move up into third before the seventh caution for Murdoch going around in turns three and four.

The final restart went cleanly, with T.J. Marshall picking up the checkered flag ahead of Max Wright, Jerrid Morphy, Jeremy Barton, and Rodney Rutherford. Bill Pearsall finished sixth, followed by Jason Bowden, Rick Willigar, Dale Lucas, and Daryl Henwood. Steve Murdoch placed 11th, followed by Mike Klotz, Chance Isherwood, Mike Podd, Ron Easton, Jeff Kells, John Karley, Joe Arsenault, Amanda Stoner, and Michael Kenny. Wayde Thorne finished 21st, while Patrick Ruelens and Bill Stoner Sr. failed to take the green flag.

For fans who missed the event, you can watch the entire broadcast replay on GForceTV’s YouTube Channel at

Flamboro Speedway has scheduled their second round of Operation Green Flag for July 4, featuring the Super Stocks 50-lapper, Mini Stock 40-lapper, and Pure Stock 40-lapper. Once again, spectators are not permitted under government guidelines, but fans will be able to watch the action live once again via

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By: Ashley McCubbin